Things aren't as they seem. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
Here I am, hugging Roger and drinking a huge cup of spearmint tea while listening to Mat Kearney's new album "Young Love". Which, if I do say so myself, is pretty darn amazing. A typical night. That's all that it is. However, it isn't.

Somewhere in this world, there's a boy and a girl on their first date. They're strolling along through the park and the lights are dimly lit. She looks like an angel in that lighting and his grin could make any girl faint. He's so nervous he's shaking and she's slowly falling in love with him even though he doesn't realize it. He's afraid to speak because he feels as if he's going to say the wrong thing. She's trying not to make eye contact with him because she will never be able to look away. They're both perfect for each other. She holds his hand and he smiles as his stomach fills with butterflies. 

Somewhere else there's a poor little boy, with holes going throughout his clothes and his sandals are duct taped together. He's never known what it feels like to eat a full meal and to have a comfy bed to sleep in. His parents just passed away and he has no home. He feels lost and the only remembrance he has of them is a dirty old photo that's stuff a patched up pocket. He has tears in his eyes and a prayer in his heart. He's wondering if anyone else in this world will ever be there for him. 

In another town not to far away, there's a girl who is hiding in her room. She also has tears in her eyes but her parents haven't passed away. They're at it again and she's hears something being thrown across the room. It crashes against the wall and she pushes herself more into the corner, scared for her life. The screams coming from downstairs are getting louder and she wishes she could just disappear. All she's ever wanted is for someone to love her. She wanted a caring family. 

Take a plane and a cab ride to your corner pizza place and there's an artist living above it in a dingy apartment and barely making ends meet. Bills are scattered across the table, the city lights are blaring in, and the neighbors just can't seem to turn down their TV. He doesn't care though. He has a smile on his face and is painting the sunset, filling himself with a form of happiness that some people live a lifetime searching for. It took a long time for him to get to this point in his life. This is his dream. He's finally free.

No night is a ordinary night, although it may seem like it. Some people are hurting and others are living carefree. Nonetheless, all of us are searching to become something. We want to achieve what is in our hearts. We want to live.

Good night,
Tabs <3

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