"That's how the lost get found.." - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
The outside world is a pretty dangerous place. We underestimate it quite a bit, yet some of us also fear it. We fear what it might create, what it might throw at us. We fear what we might run into, we fear that we might get hurt. Do you realize that I used the word "might" in each of those sentences? Those things might happen, there is no guarantee. Which is why I am here to tell you that you are not alone. You aren't the only one fearing what the outside world has in store. I'm scared for my life. Do you know how many bad things are out there? I mean just thinking about them is making me feel rather nauseous and achy, but then...well...I get over it. I put the bad thoughts aside, and think about all the wondrous things that the outside world can brings to us. Nature, laughter, smiles, happiness, a whole array a feelings that we most certainly cannot feel if we are stuck in our fears. Fears that are just completely ridiculous. That are mind blowing to even be afraid of. So, go outside :) Dance in the rain. Feel the sunshine on your face. Walk five miles aimlessly to a Walmart. Mow your lawn. Get your neighbor's kid to mow your lawn while you sit on a lawn chair and drink lemonade. Just do something. Revel in the fact that we are actually able to go outside and enjoy our lives. Even now. Actually, you know what? Go finish reading this post on your roof or porch. If your excuse is "It's too cold outside" or "It's raining", then I have some good news for you. Put on a couple of sweatshirts which are usually known to keep warm from the cold, that might help. Also, they created these things are umbrellas. Magnificent invention. Grab one and go outside!

My twenty-four liquid diet ended today (I did it wrong the first time so I had to start over), and even though I can eat actual food now, my stomach is still feeling weird. I'm taking it easy on the food and praying that my stomach is getting at least a little bit better. It's been pouring rain here in our wonderful city for about four days straight now. I'm craving any possible chance of sunshine and check the forecast every hour to see if anything has changed. Sure, I love rain. Do I love it to the point that most of our court is flooded? Not so much. Even when I see just a slight sliver of sunshine peaking through the clouds, I hang on to it as if I'll never see the light of day again. Who knows? I might not. There's quite a long time until tomorrow comes, and you never know what might happen. 

However, rainy weather deserves some rainy weather movies. Don't you agree? Even if you don't agree, I'll probably still watch a movie. By the way, the title of my post is actually a song. It's called The Lost Get Found by Britt Nicole. I Thought it was appropriate for the topic of going outside. If you don't understand what it has to do with that, think about it. It'll come to you. 

I'm also liking Twitter quite a bit. Interesting.

"I'm banana's for you!" (off a valentine card),
Tabs <3


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