I have this weird addiction to Sour Patch Kids. These incredibly wonderful gummy children make my mouth water and I mean that in a very non-creepy way. However, the odd thing is I only crave them when I go to our local 99 cents store. I can be at any supermarket in this entire universe and overlook them, but when I'm there they somehow end up in my basket at the checkout line. They also tend to be devoured on the walk home which means that I'll be craving them once again a few hours later. It's an ongoing process that's a little disturbing.

My shirt smells like my perfume which is called Blossoming Romance. Feel the love.

I start school next week with only two classes. I feel like screaming with sadness like a disturbed 5-year-old. The other two classes I seriously wanted haven't opened whatsoever, and the possible English class that I could have had also went down the drain. They all went down the drain, but not only that, they got clogged there like huge glops of toothpaste mixed with cat hair. It's a huge mushy mess.

Enough of the grossness from this life, let us lighten things up.

The 49ers are going to the Superbowl. This actually made let out a "Seriously? Well isn't that just cool." Being a native Californian and loving San Francisco to no end, I was somewhat excited when I heard this news. Not that I watch football on a regular basis or anything (or barely understand it), but it seems like they haven't made it that far in a while. I don't even know who they are playing against. Sad, I know. I'm more interested in episodes of The Next Iron Chef or the Australian Open which is currently happening, by the way. Roger Federer, you may need a haircut, but you're pretty snazzy in my book.

It's raining outside. Finally. Thank you Lord! You truly are amazing.

-Tabs <3

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