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Here I am, sitting at the kitchen table in the family's most cherrished (and broken) swively chair typing away at an esssay. Like always though, I have gotten distracted. I also sadly wore shorts tonight so my legs are literally plastered to the wood of this chair and I'm out of tea. This can only end in disaster. My head also seems to be pounding from a weird headache that I've had for two days in a row now. It's either a sinus infection or my brain is deciding to go through some early renovations. It did this throughout spring cleaning but I guess winter spruicing is also in the books.

Lately it seems as if the world seems to be going by slower. Cars seem to be taking their time more when driving, people are singing, random strangers seems to smile more often when you make eye contact, it just seems wonderful. It might be due to the fact that the holidays are coming up, but I like it. I've never seen a city truly slow down before. Maybe it's just me imagining things or seeing them from a different point of view. However, if it is just me, then slow it down for one day! Smile at the driver that cuts you off and say to yourself "May God bless him and prevent that driver from any accidents". It's hard (partially because you want to pull up right beside them and throw your Slurpee at their car window) but also because we aren't used to doing that sort of thing. Try not to be so stressed. Overlook things that might make you upset. Take a deep breathe. Always keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day where new thing happen. You never know who you might meet and they don't want to see you in a bad mood, right? Don't answer that. Just give me the benefit of the doubt and let me be right. Only this one time of course. I always like a good debate.

So tomorrow what are you going to do my dear blog readers? You're going to slow it down. Find your chi. Enjoy the weather. Take a really long bubble bath. Drink only one cup of coffee and be lazy the rest of the day. Wear sweats and baggy clothes. Cuddle up with your favorite teddy bear. Those are only a few suggestions.

I should most likely get back to this essay now which I will most likely fail anyway. I hope you all have a wonderful night and sew some dreams together to make a beautiful story.

Humidifiers are amazing,
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