Probably one of the greatest words every created. A fortunate accident. Sounds like fate, right? It is, and it's always fantastic to go by fate. It makes life seem like such a surprise. Like getting a present on your doorstep everyday, except even better. Why don't we all just leave our lives to destiny? We always have to interfere with everything that is going on in our lives, that sometimes we don't have time to appreciate the surprises in life. Say a perfect stranger bumps into you somewhere and your to preoccupied with what your doing, that you just say sorry to them without even giving them a glance and just go on your way. What if they didn't just glance? What if they actually gave a smile and looked at you in a certain way that you haven't been looked at before? Or wanted to offer you a full apology, beside just the usual "sorry"? Let us allow fate to take it's course, just for once in our lives. Let's let go of our worries and thoughts that seem to take up so much space, and bump into that random stranger on purpose. Let's just try it, and see how it works out. When we try things without even thinking about them, somehow, someway, our lives just seem to be a little brighter. Don't you think? Actually never mind, don't think, just do.

Life is going to take us to a very magical place one of these days. Well it may not be Wonderland, and the mad hatter won't be there to greet us along with a smiling cat, but the real world comes pretty close to that. All we have to do is just open our eyes to what's in front of us. Soon you'll be seeing things that's you have never seen before. Some might be bad, but then there is always the good that comes right after it to mellow out the feelings and make it all better. Life is never fair to us, but it can be every once in a while if we let it.

I also discovered today that Jarrito's pineapple soda, is the best pineapple soda that I've ever tasted. That mango is also pretty good to, but of course, pineapple beats any soda out there (Dr. Pepper comes into a close second). 

I'll see you all in Wonderland ;)

Tabs <3

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