is going by even slower than usual. I also feel all weird and queezy for some reason, so I could be better. Supposed to be spending the night at my best friends place, but is that going to happen? I'm not to sure, that is going to be based on how well my stomache decides to cooperate.

School. It lets you hang out with your friends and learn the latest gossip on campus that is usual provided from those certain girls who are in everyone's business, but yet you have to do your work or else you fail. So it's basically friends and possible failure. Sounds a lot like life. Well life is full of failure due to all of the mistakes that you make, and school is a part of life. Whether if it is liked or not. That's just the way it is. School is basically your whole life, even if you aren't in school. Does that make any sense? When your just an infant, you learn all types of things. How to walk, speak, draw on the walls with crayons (still am tempted to do that), but yet you have an enviroment of learning. Then there is the whole elementary, middle, and high school experiences, then college, and then life. Yet, you still earn things in life. You will eventually get a job where you will learn new techniques in certain areas that you thought you wouldn't have to learn. You even learn more personal things, such as how to conduct yourself more properly around people, or a certain way to talk. You keep learning, so you never leave school. But yet we don't like it? Well at least me, I'm not a very large fan of school, I mostly like is since all my friends are here, and yes, I like learning. School and learning go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most people are alergic (I think I spelled that wrong) to nuts though, that's very sad. So then all they have is the jelly. Without the other part, it feels like something is missing. That empty feeling...sorry, i'm still hungry.

Today would've been John Lennon's 70th birthday, I'm glad even Google is celebrating this day :)

Great day outside, I really do feel like painting for some reason. I haven't painted in a really long time, but I just have that urge. I wonder if I still can paint, but I doubt it. I'm a painter (sort of), photographer, and a writer. How about that darlings? I'm rather proud of myself. Even though painting technically doesn't count, but it's still a thought. And it's always the thought that counts.

Tabs <3

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