are a rather wonderful place to spend your time at. You can make memories there, and even revel in your own thoughts. Possibly even write a song, or meet a perfectly lovely stranger. Whatever your choice may be, there is always something for everyone. Unless of course you have no interest in parks or have never been to a park before, then I feel terribly sorry for you and suggest you go to one and head straight for the swing. They usually make everything better. Especially if you have someone with you, then that just makes it twice as fun (taking advantage of them by making them push you on the swing is always fantastic). They are even more wonderful at night. Laying out in the grass, staring at the stars until you have them imprinted on your eyes. After having stars imprinted in your eyes, you will never be the same again. I'm telling you, there is something magical about parks at night.

The above picture was taken at my favorite park, and what a wonderful day it was. Full of laughter and joy, not many people get to experience that anymore. When you go to a park, really take a look at someone. People don't look very happy anymore. They aren't really at the park to enjoy themselves anymore, but more like on "business". May it be for a child's party, or to do a couple laps around the parking lot in those extreme jogging suits people wear these days, they just don't seem happy. It makes you feel like walking up to one of these people, shake them severely and yell, "Wake up! Get a hold of yourself and trying breaking a smile every once in a while!" If someone did that to us, we would most likely punch them in there face and yell profuse language in there face while flailing our arms around trying to get our point across. But then, we would really think about what they said. We might even say to ourselves, did that crazy person really have a point? Crazy people do tend to be right most of the time. It's the people that make sense that you have to watch out for.

Insomnia strikes again, pineapple soda has come to accompany it, and procrastination is knocking at the door. Looks like a full house tonight.

Ciao and sweet dreams world,
Tabs <3

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