Sometimes it doesn't take very much to have a happy ever after. Sometimes it's the fact that you're to afraid to say something or don't have the courage to face what you clearly see is there. Sometimes that moment will pass, and it could have take only one word to get the smiles going. I've written a little example for you all to read...

She was sitting by herself in the corner of the room. Her legs dangled over the edge of the chair and she was humming along to the song that everyone was dancing too. It flowed through her soul and mind, the music notes trickled along her spine giving her the feeling of happiness. She tugged at her hair, not liking the fact that it was all dolled up and pulled at the beautiful dress she was wearing. Dancing was never something that she was interested in or people that only judged you by how much money you had. She hadn't been noticed by anyone, and that's exactly how she liked things to be.

He was the life of the party. Although, that's what everyone seemed to think. He was so handsome that every girl in that ball room was fanning themselves and bursting into little fits of giggles if he even glanced their way. He was dancing with an honorable girl, who was rather beautiful. However, he didn't seem to care. She smelled funny and that plastered smile on her face was really beginning to frighten him. She hadn't given him much choice in the matter by the way she gripped his arm and pulled him onto the dance floor. He didn't want to be there. He wanted to leave.

The song ended and there was a polite clap around the room. He bowed to the girl he was dancing with and made a run for it before she could pull him back for another. He made a dash for the curtains way in the back. He loved sitting there since he wasn't very visible but yet he could still see everything that was going on. He found it when he was a child. 

She heard something rustling in front of her and she froze. Should she apologize? Would she be asked to leave? The curtains slowly moved a little more and a figure backed into them. He still hadn't seen her. She heard him let out a sigh of relief and she watched as he kicked off his shoes. Those do look rather uncomfortable, she thought to herself. He ruffled his hair and at this she couldn't help but grin. As soon as he did, he slowly turned around and they both froze.

She's so stunning, he thought to himself.

Oh goodness he's gorgeous, was all she could think.

He smiled his best smile at her. A smile that he didn't reveal to just anyone. He took every little detail of her in. He could tell she had been fidgeting with her hair and that, like him, she completely despised her shoes. She had small freckles on her right cheek and the deep blue color of  her eyes were making him forget his own name. Subconsciously he straightened out his suit, which surprised him because usually he didn't care about appearances.

She wanted so much to excuse herself so she could make a run for the door and attempt to breathe again, but moving was impossible. Oh and that smile of his? Her heart was doing flips and her brain was in red alert. She could tell he had really soft hands and he had a small faded cut right above his eyebrow. She smoothed her hands over her dress and very shakily folded them onto her lap.

They both didn't know that the next word that was to be spoken, was about to change the both of their lives forever. More smiles were to come after it and butterflies were to be felt in the both of their stomachs. This was the moment he knew he was in love. This was the moment she was sure he was the one. It was a fairy tale in the making and it all started with her lovely voice uttering out one single word...


I never said it was going to be easy, I just said that it can only take one word. That is, if you're even able to speak.

Have a gret evening,
Tabs <3

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