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So the thing is, I've been under the influence of the stomach flu for the past couple of days. Yes, I had just gotten over a cold. Didn't I say my immune system hates me? I think I did. This proves it. Well, at least I believe it was the stomach flu...hopefully it was and I don't have some disease that some odd person at school gave me :( odd people have odd diseases. Some odd people do at least. I'm not to sure about the rest of the odd population however. 

So for the past couple of days, I had been worshiping at the porcelain throne and making my way through the whole first season of Psych, which I sadly missed. Fantastic show by the way for those of you who haven't seen it. Couldn't stop laughing. At least, I laughed as much as my stomach allowed me too. I'm still pretty sick right now. Do any of you know any good cures for the stomach flu? I mean I know you can't cure the stomach flu, but is there anything to help it go away quicker? I'm in desperate need of help here :( sick under minded writer of a teenage child is in need of help and/or advice (help more preferable, advice also appreciated). Thank you ever so much!

I hope you all have a fantastic night (mind you, on the parental guardians computer so I have a restricted amount of typing allowed). Have a fantastic night. It's beautiful outside, go count the stars. Let the moon shine in through your window and listen to a slow song. Come on, move that couch and dance with the one you love! It'll be worth it, I promise.

Good Night,
Tabs <3

10/13/2010 08:45:48 am

Hey there,
Wow, I really hope you get better. It seems like you've been sick for quite a while now. :( I'll pray for you.
I've seen Psych!!! Well, I don't have a TV in my house, but I rented it at Hastings and we watched an episode almost every night. Now the next season doesn't come out on video until mid next year or something. :( Humph. Oh well. "Gus, don't be this crevice in my arm." hee hee. ANYWAY...moving on
Cures, cures. Hmmm. Sleep, toast, orange juice, tea, saltines, the couch, and a good book. Seriously. Orange juice helps everything. So does tea. OH, and gargling salt water.... no, take it back. Unless your mom makes you do it... NEVER try it. ha ha. My mom makes me every time I'm sick. I think it makes me even more sick.
Well, I hope you find a flu panacea. I'm not sure if that is the correct use of that word, but I wanted to use it anyway. :)

Get well soon (pretend I gave you a card that said that)


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