I'm not feeling to snazzy at the moment, so I'm bed ridden most of the day. What could this mean? Let me give you a hint. Me, a laptop, my own blog, and a whole lot of time on my hands with online Netflix movies. This could only mean...a whole lot of nonsense. Yes, nonsense. The universal word to describe only foolish  and/or absurd things. The wonderful talent of writing tends to come in handy when one has absolutely nothing to do the entire day. Of course, I will not blog the whole day. I will very much get distracted by said movies I will watch and anything shiny that grabs my attention. Shiny things just tend to get even shinier each time they are spotted. It's as if they know you're staring at them and are saying, "Yes that's it. Come to me. Touch my wonderful glint of addicting gleam in the sunlight. You can't resist me, and you know it". In which case, I will stop writing and bid you a fabulous day full of new wonders and possibilities that this Sunday might have in store for you.

See? Perfect example of nonsense. That paragraph was full of it. The run on sentences, the shiny blabber that came out of no where, and the word "glint" is also just a lot of nonsense in and of itself. Terrible right? Not quite. If I really wanted to have a whole entire blog dedicated to nonsense, then I would also start mispelling wrods and reriting everhtying in oerdr for you not to understand what I'm saying at all. Am I correct? Possibly. However, possibly not. There are a lot of posibilities connected to this possibility of possibly writing about nonsense. It's not very clear though so I might have to work on it a little bit more and get back to you on it as soon as I can.

Okay so let me explain as to why I'm doing this (I'm done with the nonsense for now by the way, so you can now breathe a sigh of relief). Nonsense is good every once in a while. It relieves tension, stress, and gets a chuckle out of everyone around that experiences it. No one can avoid nonsense because it is literally everywhere. You know that dog your neighbor has that irritates you to death because it keeps doing its "business" on your front lawn? I mean, that dog just makes you want to throw bricks at it (which you shouldn't do) but you know that one day, it will pay. So said dog comes bounding into your yard, ready to leave you another present, when a lady dog across the street blinks those lashes of hers at him and oops! He gets distracted (you are watching all this from your window by the way, holding a brick). One momentary lapse of judgement and the dog finds himself head first into that huge tree of yours that you always meant to chop down but never got to it and now your grateful you never did, and falls down like a sack of potatoes. You are howling with laughter, your neighbor is freaking out about his dog and suddenly shakes his fist toward your window and yells, "I'll get you one day for this! That was all nonsense!" Yes, indeed it was nonsense. Now do you see my point? I hope you do!

Have fun every once in a while! Stop being so serious all the time. Crack a smile, laugh at your friends when they trip over something before actually helping them up, giggle at the most childish words like "wiener" or "uranus", just laugh at all the nonsense. You know you want to :)

Ahh time for me to leave. I must go attend to some more nonsense. 

Tabs <3

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