No, I am not speaking of the delicious candy that Willy Wonka creates in his ever so wonderful factory of goodness. I'm sorry to disappoint most of you. I am talking about nerds as in what people call these days, "geeks". The Einsteins of the world and the brains of the operation. I am a nerd at heart and have always been a nerd. I get good grades and enjoy a pretty intense chess match every once in a while. I'm also pretty shy and spend most of my free time doing things that pertain to school. Not anymore though, due to the fact that I have now graduated high school. We nerds are typically make fun of in this society, and I always seem to wonder why. What makes us so hilarious to people? Why do people like making so much fun of us? 

The truth is, we are all nerd one way or another. You can be working at McDonald's (I'm not dissing working at a fast food joint, I even applied for a job there myself. Just an example.) and doing completely terrible in school, but you are still a nerd. However, in your own specific way. Sometimes being a nerd doesn't always entitle the fact that you need to be incredibly smart and on your way to Harvard. No way. It means that you have a specific talent that your good at, and it doesn't even have to be a huge talent. You can be a professional at blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk, or great at football. It really doesn't matter. How does being good at something make you a nerd? First of all, being a nerd means that you have the intellect to exceed at something. Therefore, exceeding at something means your good at it. That's putting it bluntly. In conclusion, we are all good at something one way or another. 

So the next time your in the middle of making fun of someone that's smart or is good at video games, just remember you are just like them. You are also good at something that most people in this universe are probably not good at or maybe haven't even heard of your specific talent. That's only one thing to take into consideration. The next is taking in the fact that your actually hurting that person's feelings. How would you like it if you were being made fun of constantly? You would probably get just as irritated and upset. This only goes out to those of you who think it's appropriate to make fun of us nerds. Hate to break it to you, but YOU'RE A NERD TOO! 

I went to the dentist today. Apparently I had a "dry socket" forming in one of my gums where one of my wisdom teeth were removed. When they said that term, I thought they switched from talking about my teeth to some type of cleaning utensil. I was utterly confused. They then explained what it was, stuck some gross medication in my mouth, and now everything I eat makes me want to barf. On the bright side, it's a wonderful night to go play some Mario Forever :)

Brush your teeth,
Tabs <3

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