You will have a neighbor probably anywhere you live. They might be pretty annoying or they also might be the kind that you barely even see. Either way, It's as if they have been adapted into your lifestyle. You greet each other, yell at their kids to get off your lawn, wonder when they're going to return your leaf blower, and sneak into their swimming pool when they've gone out for the night. You might grow rather attached to them or can hardly wait for them to move. All neighbors are like that. However, we seem to deal with each rather confidently in our day-to-day lives.

I live in a pretty diverse neighborhood with pretty diverse people. I'm pretty sure we've lived here the longest out of everyone else so we've seen quite a bit of action going on. We also have the most distinguished house since we're literally buried in every type of flower and green leafy thing imaginable. Our house is known at "The Jungle", and we take great pride in that fact. We're also the quietest except for our dog barking and a BB gun going off every once in a while (We hunt squirrels due to the fact that we have 3 walnut trees in our backyard and we don't like sharing with them. They left us without walnuts one year. One thing led to another, and a BB gun was bought.). Actually, I live in a culdesac. For those of you who live in one, you realize that you get to know your neighbors quite well. 

We're directly in the middle and have 3 neighbors on each side. Our family calls the house on the left the "Idiot House". Why? Due to the fact that each family that has lived that has caused trouble in some way, shape, or form. We always end up randomly hearing police sirens and seeing someone being shoved into the back of a cruiser. We have yet to see someone move in that hasn't been a troublemaker. The house next to that one has a woman living there whom we refer to as "Gossip Woman". She is in everyone's business and knows everything that is going on. She's rather bulky and has a really weird stare. She starts rumors like crazy and is constantly wearing slippers. We've learned to avoid her at all costs. The house on the second to the right of us we don't have a name for due to the fact that no one lives there long enough to be named. I'm pretty sure the longest anyone has ever lived there was about 5 months and we barely saw them anyways. That house has a great pool. We don't understand anything anyone says in the house to the right of us since they don't speak English but they seem nice. The other guys around us are decent, and give us their usual hello when they see us. Yes indeed, that is my neighborhood. 

Try paying tribute to your favorite neighbor tomorrow. Offer to mow their lawn or get their mail. Do something that contributes to their daily activities and show them that your a great person. It will probably be something that you won't regret. Be a good citizen! Above all, be a good neighbor. State Farm is there. 

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