There's always that one song that makes you want to cry, laugh, and smile all at the same time. It hits you somewhere that you never knew existed. To you, it's beyond amazing. You can feel it flowing through you as you continuously listen to it. It brings a different type of happiness that you haven't felt before and it comforts you in ways that you honestly can't explain.

Music can do this, but not all music. There's a specific type of rhythm that curves to everyone's liking. I mentioned in a previous post a while back that music is a total constant. It is everywhere and in everything. Sometimes though, you find that one song and you just can't get over it, no matter how hard you try. However, some might not even try. The song is so perfect that it's just unexplainable. It grabs your heart and takes you on an adventure while you're listening to it. It pushes some sort of button deep inside that releases a realization that somehow, in a way, you're free. Music can do this. Some of you might agree with me and others won't, but I believe this is true. There doesn't even have to be words to the song. As long as you think it's beautiful, it's yours.

I found my song.

I'm not sure I can truly tell you what I felt after hearing this piano solo. As I'm typing, I'm currently listening to it for the millionth time. I don't understand why I fell in love with this song so easily, and I honestly don't care. It's amazing. For some reason, it brought back a ton of memories and today was the first day I heard it. I thank Pandora for that fact. The more I play it, the more I smile. It's just that simple but at the same time, it isn't. Nothing is simple, especially when music is involved. This to me, however, is pure bliss. It makes me want to be creative. It makes me want to paint and sing. It makes me want to write like I've never written before. It makes me grin. It makes me want to be graceful. It makes me teary. It makes me feel.

If you found your song, relish in the fact that you have something that close. Be happy. However, if you haven't found it yet, you will. I know you will. And that moment will be so amazing, you will come right back here and share it with me. Right? Of course you will. I hope.

Have a wonderful night,
Tabs <3

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