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hates me. Due to the fact that it mysteriously stopped working on my laptop and can't get it to work again for some odd reason, I am resulting to my parents computer. Which I am finally able to get on since they take it over all day, and will barely let me get on it. I think random objects are just beginning to hate me more and more as the days pass by. And also dogs too. The little chihuahua next door just decided to chase me home today when I went to get the mail. And the sad thing is, that I ran from it. I thought it was going to eat me.

My three day weekend is going pretty good so far. Nothing interesting to report other than that we got a new washing machine which they delivered with a bunch of parts missing, so we're getting a replacement washing machine for our new washing machine. Does that even make sense? It most likely does, but in a more confusing way that you'd rather not try to explain. 

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend (being kicked off the computer). Smell a rose for me, they look wonderful this time of year. Remember, always smile at the camera darlings. You don't want the aspect of sadness to ruin your wonderful features, do you?

Tabs <3

9/5/2010 11:34:38

This reply is for all the most recent entries... Didn't want to reply a billion times. :) Anyways, I actually love math, used to hate it until I started seeing it as a big magic trick. Some random numbers plugged in to an equation, and soon, POOF! A new number! But this year I'm in AP Stats. It doesn't have much math. More like "look at this graph and make a table and be very very bored" kinda stuff. Sleepless nights are always so fun... NOT. But I hope as the year progresses you'll get more sleep. One of my friends and I were discussing how as you grow older, you get less and less sleep because there are just too many things you have to do. Makes you look forward to retirement. haha. Wow, this is a long reply. :)
Hope school goes better for you :)
You're not the only one scared of little dogs. I'm watching my grandma's dachshund. Bleh.


9/22/2010 06:22:23

Hey there,
Sorry that it took me so long to answer, electronics hate me due to the fact that they need internet. I have always hated math, I have never been any good at it. AP stats just sounds like a lot of work. I thought about taking it, but decided to do Pre-Cal instead which is just blah. I actually am not a big fan of sleep. But when I'm really tired and can't even keep my eyes open, then sleep is kind of necessary. Haha well I like long replies :) thank you! Little dogs have always scared me. It's pretty sad.



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