Hunger... - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
has taken over me at the moment. No food for lunch and had a terrible breakfast, so my stomache is terribly sad :( i can actually hear it crying. I am craving every type of fast food known to mankind at the moment, that's how bad it is. Even though I have quit eating fast food since tennis season is starting pretty soon, it's incredibly sad. Booo.

It's a pretty day, could be better though. What makes it even better is that I just ate! Man, do I love my best friend! She is absolutely amazing. Even though I am still hungry.

Autumn weather hasn't hit yet, and it's pretty much driving me insane. I expect the weather to show up right when it turns fall, even though I know it isn't always going to happen that way. Which isn't fair but hey, I don't control the weather. Pudge does that (reference from Lilo and Stitch, for those of you who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about).

I saw a beautiful flower when I left for school this morning. It was purple, and the only one that was fully bloomed anymore in our garden. I smelled it, and its aroma made me feel as if I was floating on a cloud. Do you think that is possible? I wish it was. Maybe it even is. Who knows. Many of you might have some scientific explanation as to why it is wrong, but I actually really don't want to hear it. Don't prove me wrong this one time, and let me stay wondering in my impossible thoughts. Making things impossible possible, truly makes my day. And the fact that I have food in my stomache :) have a fantastic day and a lovely afternoon. Cheer someone up today. Share some food, lend a dollar, wash a car (just make sure to get paid for it), and most of all, give someone a smile. One smile, can change someones life completely.

a reader
9/24/2010 04:24:16

are u like a piet or something cool tho

9/24/2010 05:51:39

Sort of like a poet, more of a realistic imaginary writer if that makes any sense. Which I'm not to sure that it does. But thank you :)


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