I've never been a huge fan of heat. It's something that just bugs me. However, due to the unalterable fact that I do live in California and heat tends to come in abundance when summer comes around, it can't be escaped. Right now it is a blazing 106 degrees outside, and you can't help but break into a sweat just walking a few steps outside to get the mail. It's also pretty hard not to start drooling when a swimming pool or a lake comes into view. It's so incredibly tempting to jump in that it frightens me. Hopefully you are all frolicking in some form of water and making sand castles like there is no tomorrow. Just make sure to drink plenty of water. This heat stroke business really isn't fun and I'm speaking from experience. 

Yesterday was Independence Day, one of the most thought of and iconic days known in American history. For me, it's not all about the illegal fireworks, BBQing, and parties. It's about the fact that we gained independence on that day. The day the Declaration of Independence was drafted mostly by Thomas Jefferson on July 4th, 1776. If any of you have read the Declaration of Independence, it truly is remarkable. Due to the fact that I was in AP History, I got the pleasure of reading through this whole document and dissecting it into little itty bitty pieces to understand what it actually meant. It was not an easy task and took about two weeks, but it was very much worth it. To sum it all up, it states that the thirteen colonies that were at war with Great Britain were now to be considered as independent states. May God bless those brave men and may He also bless this country. Without that important piece of History, who knows where we would be right now. I always wish that I could have been there in the signing room with them, just to witness this amazing event. To actually feel what they were feeling at that moment and to get that exhilaration of finally having liberty. I'd maybe even try and sneak in a couple pictures (flash off of course) and watch the expressions on their face as they signed they're names. I believe it was 56 signatures? Somewhere around there? Correct me if I'm wrong. It would just be positively amazing. 

Sorry I went into nerd mode. Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day and maybe even appreciated the fact that it was truly a historical time. I hope you lit a hundred fireworks and ran away screaming for your life when you realized you were standing to close to them as they blew up. I hope you ate tons of BBQ and even went swimming right after you ate. I also hope you didn't throw up. Here's probably one of my favorite lines from the Declaration of Independence and it's not my favorite because it sounds cool or is incredibly popular. No. It's my favorite because it gives the feeling of being apart of something greater than myself. It gives me the feeling of being able to do anything. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Is it really cooling down outside?,
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