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Such a very odd topic to talk about. They are easily broken, but yet very hard to put back together again. Everyone has there own way to deal with a broken heart. Girls tend to find comfort in highly fattening food, with an extremely sad movie while in pajamas, then after about three days of sulking, we finally come back to reality and realize that the guy really wasn't worth crying over. Such a very pointless and long process but it really works. Other people like to run or exercise, which does somewhat help since the soreness from working out usually helps take the other pain and thoughts away (I don't really agree with that one but hey, if it works then go for it). 

Some hearts tend to be larger than others, with lots of love and compassion. Others have very small hearts that tend not to care about others, and only themselves. The larger hearts seem to be taken more for granted, since they are afraid of hurting anyones feelings. Do you think that's fair? To take someone for granted that has done so much good in others lives? I think not, which is why it's such a shame to do so. Now the people with smaller hearts can't be taken for granted, simply because they just don't care. Even if you take them for granted....well...let's just say what goes around, comes around. Is that how you say it? Or is it the other way around. I always seem to forget and it drives me insane. Not that I'm not already insane (everyone is one way or another so you'll most likely have to cope with that someday), but just thoughts sometimes drive me insane. They get broken so easily and it isn't fair. Well, actually life isn't fair all together so let's just scratch out that statement then. 

Meltdown yesterday. Took it out on my blog. Sort of. Not doing too good here with the parental guardians and the brother (also known as my house, which has been a mess and tragedy since a while back), and things aren't doing doing fantastic. Hearts are definitely being broken here in a family way. As soon as the pieces start slowly coming back together, something happens and it's hard to come back to the real world. 

Tea, a book, and a helicopter hovering right above our house. What a joy. Why do they have to be so loud? Calgon, please take me away.

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