Family life can be hard sometimes. Trust me, I know. You can't run away from it because you will then find yourself all alone with a guilty conscience of leaving the people you love behind. You might try to convince yourself that you made the right decision (and some of you might have, not every household is the same and sometimes you just need to leave), but you can't completely stay away. Things tend to pull you back whether you like it or not. There are problems that you sometimes can't handle and you feel stressed beyond belief. Everyone in your household is just acting differently lately and you don't know what to do. Things are changing for the worse. I will give you a personal example.

God granted me the gift of patience and calmness in my family. When you live with hot tempered people and you're the quietest one, it's difficult. I'm small and tend to stay out of the way so my family overlooks me quite a bit. However, I do intervene when needed. Anger and sadness are something I don't tolerate very well, so I don't like seeing it around me. Whenever I hear someone yelling or arguing, I try to help and calm things down. Well, with people who tend to get upset easily, they then blow up on you. This has happened to me before many times. So, by the grace of God, I quietly walk away and take a deep breathe. A couple of years back, I even made plans to leave the state after high school and head to a university. My plans didn't go through and there's a definite reason as to why. I have faith. I pray like there is no tomorrow. I am even beginning to see God's hand answering my prayers and even when things go downhill once again, I keep my head up. God hears us. We just need to be patient.

With patience comes strength. I want to let all of you know that are going through the same thing I am to stay strong. Pray with all of your heart. Having a family is a blessing. Trials and sufferings are something that can't be avoided in this world. Times are tough, but we need to show God that we can trust in Him to help us through these tough situations. They are many people in this world that no longer have loved ones, and my heart goes out to them. If your family is in trouble and you can see things unfolding that are making your heart break, please, don't give up hope. With all your might, keep praying. God hears every single one of your prayers. If you feel He has abandonded you or your family, He hasn't. Let your everyone around you at home see that you believe God will change things. When you show how much faith you have, God will truly see that you are leaving everything in His hands and He will then take control. Everything will be okay.

All of you families out there, I have a simple message for you. Love one another. Parents, be there for your children when they need you most and even when they don't. Stay by their sides. If they don't listen to what you say and are stubborn, keep them in your prayers. Don't let one day pass that you don't pray for your entire family. Read the Bible with them everyday to strengthen their faith. Kids and especially teenagers, respect your elders. Let the beauty of God shine through you when you're at home or with your friends. Watch your words continuously when talking to your parents. They aren't something that should be toyed with. They love you and you should love them. If they don't pay attention to you much, then pray for them. If they yell alot, tell God. He will help you. Encourage each other. Most of all, pray together. I'll leave you all with a wonderful verse that I hope gives you happiness and that you all can abide by.

1 Peter 3:8-9
We will honor each member of this family as God’s special gift. Live in harmony with one another; love, be sympathetic, compassionate and humble…bless one another so that you may inherit a blessing.

Have a wonderful day,
Tabs <3

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