is becoming so much more addicting to me. Even if I don't have anything to do on there, i'm still on it. Is there something wrong with me? Have I entered a parallel universe in which I can't help but stay on facebook and "Like" things just to pass the time away? Who knows. Maybe I'm not the only one who does this. And there isn't much to do on facebook anyways. You have those cheesey quizzes that one can always take to "predict their future husband" or maybe "find out what your real age is" (okay I actually took that one and it said my real age was 64. I mean come on, really?). There is also the commenting on people's photos or statuses. If you want to get really intense, you can comment on someones "Wall". That one is always a last resort though. It's like you have to endure so much boredom on there, that you start looking at your own friends pages and decide "Hey, I haven't talked to him in a while, so by golly let's see what he's up too!" (okay the by golly isn't really necessary it sounds pretty cool if I do say so myself). So if your ever on facebook, search me. Tabita Gherasim. That's the name and don't you forget it. I might be autographing the next best seller at Barnes and Noble soon ;)

My insomnia is also continuing. I could not sleep last night so around 12:00 AM, I decided to get up and make a pasta dish. It took me all of about an hour but it was well worth the effort. It turned out amazing and, as always, made enough for two but again, as always, ate alone and saved the rest. Sometimes I wish I had someone to share my random midnight dishes with. But then I remember I'm not good at talking so there would be a lot of awkward silences and the chewing of food could probably be heard from a mile away and I mean, who wants that? It would be rather embarrassing and I would most likely be mortified. So maybe eating alone id technically a good idea....Somewhat? Maybe. The world holds an odd sort of people these days.

With my iPod in hand and a beautiful sunny day outside, I'm off. May you all have a fantastic evening full of happiness and wonderful adventures. May you enjoy every bit that this day has to offer and may you live in the moment that takes your breathe away. Smell a beautiful flower and dance to a song that makes your heart skip a beat. Then wake up tomorrow, and do it all over again.

Tabs <3

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