I have a knack for writing essays. I write them quickly and I write them very well. How? I have no idea. Nonetheless, it always seem that when an essay assignment is given to me, I don't sigh and complain like the rest of the class. Instead I procrastinate on it until the very last second and usually finish within ten minutes. It's actually kind of scary. I've even done essays right before I arrive at the class that it's due for, and end up getting a high grade. Sad, right? I agree. Anyway I'm staring at my blank Microsoft Word page and debating on whether or not to write my very last pointless essay before I graduate at this very moment. Tempting, very tempting. I'll think about it.

I bring good news! We're having rain this weekend. There's also the little fact that I passed my permit test with flying rainbows. I can't remember the last time I was that nervous and even had side effects. I was sweating, chewing on my lip, continuously squatting for some reason, and I began to have an unusual twitch. While waiting to go take it, I was furiously repeating questions and answers over an over again in my head. When I couldn't remember the answer to one, I spazzed until it finally came to me. The people around me probably thought I had some type of mental disorder. I feel bad for them for making them see that. I'll be imprinted in their minds forever. However, I took said test and checked it over twice. When the lady with a weird voice gave it back to me with a happy face drawn on it and "SUPER!" written across the whole thing, I smiled so huge I'm pretty sure I frightened that poor woman. I am a happy camper and thank God for giving me the wisdom to pass it. 

I'm pretty sure I need to do this essay before it begins to get dark out. I hope you all are having a wonderful day and haven't forgotten to feed your fish. Those poor things. 

Much love,
Tabs <3

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