Coughing, Sneezing, Aching... - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
Stuffy nose, and look completely train wrecked. I'm beginning to think that I've caught a cold. I also have no idea how I might have caught it. So I'm left utterly confused with a tissue in hand and with a scratchy voice. I'm pretty sure that every month so far I have caught some type of illness that gave me these symptoms. The cold weather is completely going against me and I'm really not liking it. However, I know that I will get better soon as I always do.

I'm sad that the holidays have passed. I remember falling in love with them when I was little. Whenever we passed by a house with Christmas lights on it, I got this feeling. This feeling felt like unlike anything else in this world. I felt like I could do anything that came my way. As if I was superman, or Santa Clause himself spreading joy to the world. It felt just absolutely amazing. Just from those little Christmas lights, that's what I felt. This also happened at Thanksgiving, except not with the Christmas lights. I guess I could just always feel when the holidays came. When I can't stop smiling and I start laughing more than usual, I know the holidays are here :) how was everyone's holiday's?

This weather is just making me so incredibly happy, even though it got me sick. Actually, I probably shouldn't blame the weather. That's absolutely terrible of me. It's more like the fact that I refused to dress warmly. So, yes, I admitting I got myself sick. You know those days that are completely sunny but it's absolutely freezing outside, and there just those moments in the afternoon when the weather finally turns absolutely perfect? That is how it's going to be here for about the next two weeks. It has me feeling all fuzzy inside! Just feeling that cold wind on my face, and the sun's rays hitting my skin, it's enough to make me jump for joy. Hopefully you all are having wonderful weather!

Today is one of those kite flying days =] go out and buy one of those kites from the 99 cents store that are only good for a one time use. Then drive up to your neighborhood park or school football field, and fly it for hours on end. Trust me on this, I know you will all have fun. What could be better than that?

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