Christmas was on Sunday, and I planned on blogging that day but completely forgot. I think my memory is getting worse and that soon I'm just going to completely lose my sanity. Today, while making some amazing garlic bread, I took the tub of butter and was prepared to stick it in the cabinet while I grabbed the salt so I could put that in the fridge. Something is wrong with me. Either that or I've been watching James Roday as a fake psychic for way to long on television.

However, Christmas was pretty awesome. We actually had our entire family home for more than half of the day (my brother took off mumbling to himself, he worries me) which was actually kind of nice. We exchanged gifts, albeit they weren't wrapped but it's the thought that counts. My presents mostly consisted of chocolate which is honestly fine with me. I sadly devoured half of them though in under 30 minutes. The temptation was unbearable. We smiled, we laughed, we thanked God for another new day and the fact that He gave His only son for us to be born on this rock we call Earth. Short but blissful.

Is it weird that I'm actually missing my school's campus? College students aren't supposed to feel this way. I'm supposed to be relishing in the fact that I'm on winter break with absolutely nothing to do. I'm supposed to sleep in until 3:00 PM, wake up and throw in some Charlie Chaplin re-runs, and fall back asleep. Of course fitting in some junk food and a couple of bathroom breaks is a given, but sleep is the main thing. Wrong. I put all college students to shame. I miss my campus. I miss the bench that I sit on. I miss the tree I almost crashed into on the first day of classes. I miss the fact that I feel like I'm in a forest when I'm there. I also miss getting lost. I miss muttering to myself while I'm actually lost. I'm terrible, I know. It's as if I can already see the look of pity you're giving me.

That really isn't as pitiful as the fact of doing literally nothing over break. I should have a tshirt made that says "It's no use being my friend, I have no life anyway" and I could wear it when I'm grocery shopping. Not only am I not relishing in the fact that I'm on break, but I'm becoming even more pathetic by turning into a hermit. Someone please come over here and save me.

Due to the fact that I have a lot of time to spend at home now, I get to think about things a lot more. Some very random things. Have any of you realized that a safety pin is just a more advanced version of a paperclip? If you really compare the two together, there isn't much of a difference except that one is pointy, twisted a little more, and has a cap. I just thought I should share that. Is there anything odd that you guys have thought of lately? Share! I could use some entertainment.

Until later,
Tabs <3

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