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They seem to have a mind of their own and take you to a completely different world. It leaves you wondering, surprised, sad, happy, elated, all the things that we sometimes miss in our own day-to-day lives. Whether if it's fiction or non-fiction, they still leave us stunned by what these stories have to tell us. Some of us can even relate to some of the characters that we read in books, which keeps us hooked on them. It's as if it's a movie being played in your mind as you read each new thrill, as you read each new excitement, you might even need popcorn and a slushie to help you take it all in. The written word is such a powerful thing, no one should ever take it for granted.

I am a big fan of books and overall just reading. I think it entertains me more than television and most other things that regular teenagers tend to do at this age (i must be a very boring person as you can tell). My bookcase it full of them and i'm even beginning to fit them in sideways along the tops of my already read books. I also have them scattered all around my room. It's a terrible mess of wonderfulness. 

I always think about how lucky I would be to become a writer like those that have written some of my favorite books. I think i would be one of the happiest girls alive to write a book, have it published, and have it read by thousands of people getting the same feeling I get, when I read a good book. That would just be completely amazing. But who know's? Maybe it will happen someday. Maybe I'll be the next Nora Roberts and have my own best selling book that will be on a stand in the middle of Borders. So keep a lookout for me (: you never know what the future holds in store for us.

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