Possibly one of the most amazing places known to mankind. Whether in cold or hot weather, this place holds so many memories for me. I remember going there when I was about 7 years old, and just charging right into the water, even though it was freezing cold. I can still hear my mom frantically yelling at me to come back and put on a sweater, but I didn't care. There was always something different about that place, and I still can never put my finger on it. I go there every year with my best friend, and I always feel 7 again when I do. Bodega Bay  is somewhere that I will always hold in my heart forever, and I most likely will move there some day.

As you can see, I've been thinking about the beach like I always have been, except even more. I can here it calling my name. It's saying, "Tabby...Tabby! Come play in the warm sand! We miss yoouuuu!" It's taunting me and I'm becoming really close to giving in. The only thing keeping me away is no car. Phooey. Oh well, I will end up going sooner or later. For now, enjoy the wonderful picture that is Bodega Bay :)

I figured out that the more we grow up, the more that we tend to miss the things we've done in life. I mean some of you have probably already figured this out a long time ago, but I'm just now starting to realize it. I'm turning 18 in July, and officially becoming legal. Yeah, regular teenagers would be extremely ecstatic and are planning some huge events for their big day. I'm not to sure if you've figured it out by now, but I tend to pull away from the regular crowd. They are way overrated and tend to talk a little to loudly. And some even smell. Instead, I've been looking back on my past 17 years. Through the good and the bad, I really can't believe that I made it this far. Yes, there are some things that I probably wish I could have done but everything that I have done, has made me who I am today, and honestly I'm rather proud. Wow that is a really bad run on sentence, but it's okay. Run on sentences are usually the most fun to read. However, have you ever looked back upon your life and thought about all your accomplishments? Or maybe even the things you wish that you didn't do? Maybe your sad and feel as if you didn't live your life to it's fullest potential. This is the time when you go through all those memories that have been locked up behind that dusty door. You know, the door behind all the bad memories? We usually tend to look more upon the bad things that have happened in our lives, instead of the good. Some of us have been through our bad memories so much, that the door handle is even polished from how many times we've turned it. Today, push past those bad memories and wipe away the cobwebs from the good memories door. Blow away all the dust and enter through it without any sense of fear or doubt. You will honestly be surprised at how much happiness and joy you have actually experienced throughout your life. That's where your faith lies also. Have faith, and you can get through any aspect or facet in life without even a hesitation. You can do it, I know you can. 

Believe. Cherish. Love. Hope. That's all we can ask for! Time to go make something to eat. My stomach is yelling at me. Enjoy the coldness and try some pineapple soda. You'll like it =)

Tabs <3

Hello! Wow! So many posts! Bravo! Bodega Bay sounds like a wonderful place. Maybe I'll go there someday... I love the ocean.
I hope your stomach infection gets better! :( That's gotta suck.
It's good to be different. Away from the crowds. Not blend in. 18 or not. People always put on a big deal about your 18th, but in reality, you feel like you always have and no one treats you any different. Being 18 is just like anything else. The only thing it means is that you are getting older.
I always enjoy reading your posts and find that they are really inspiring and uplifting. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. <3


You really should, it's so amazing! Thank you, It will eventually get better it just takes a little bit of patience. My patience is starting to run out though so blah. Exactly, that most also for turning 16. I don't understand why people make such a big deal of they're "Sweet 16". It beats me. Well I thank you for reading :) <3



Oops, sorry about that, I pressed enter before I got a chance to type. I'll add that place to my list of places I want to go. :) I understand how you feel. My saying is PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. I will get better. I'm not that sick. And so on. Sometimes it's just a mental attitude and pity. Now, I'm not saying that's what it is, and I'm no doctor, but I know that helps for me sometimes. I rarely get sick. :) Beat me too. :P Glad to read. I enjoy it very much.


THX for info


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