suck but yet I still take them? Tell me why that is? Last year I had two, but now I've upgraded to 3. What a life I have. I haven't really found the time to blog, it's been a week. A very long, grueling, slow, week. And being back on has given me such a sense of comfort, it feels so amazing to be back again. 

School has been...interesting? I'm not sure that is the proper word i should use. Just a lot of news faces pushing past to get to there classes. Not even a care in the world upon anyone's face. I think everyone just wants to get through this year as painlessly as possible, even though some people may not put it like that, they know it's true. Well maybe it might only be true for me. Or people that are like me, which I doubt anyone is. Who in there right mind would have the stress of 3 AP classes for their senior year? I don't think anyone besides me and my friends who are just as crazy as I am. 

Other than school, time has passed by even slower. Stress has been climbing, and it's getting harder and harder to hold onto reality. Things are starting to pile on top of one another and it feels like I'm beginning to lose my optimistic state and am going into complete shut down mode. I don't know where up and down is. Where both ends meet, or even if they do meet. Whether or not I should give up or keep pushing and let the tears come down....somehow, someway, I will be strong. Whether if I completely fail and fall in the process. I will.

"Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhymes, out of the doubt that fills your mind, you finally find, you and I, collide.." Collide by Howie Day, my favorite song. Amazing lyrics. Can't stop listening to it. Have a lovely night darlings.

Tabs <3

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