The beautiful flowers and the wonderful scent that they bring. The bright, newly sprouted leaves on each tree. You know that new car smell? That's spring, bit in a awesome perfume scent that wallows in your system each day. You can't get rid of it either because it's to intoxicating. That my dear friends, is the greatest season of the year.

As much as I love spring and how wonderful it is, it brings about something that my system completely despises. Allergies. Just the word itself looks scary, but what it does is even scarier. Millions of people across the world are going through what I'm experiencing right now which is watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, and the urge to eat a piece of cake. It seems as if every time I feel some sort of relief after I sneeze, the tingling feeling makes its way back into my nostrils at which point I contort my face once again getting ready to lay all hands on deck. Allergy sufferer's, know that you aren't the only one going through this nonsense and absolute terrible face contortions. 

We can get through this.

I actually got to play tennis again. I'm not to sure how to explain how amazing and breathless (literally and figuratively) it was. After not playing for a couple of months, I'm hitting pretty well. It also has me really thinking about renewing my membership to the gym. Apparently my body has forgotten how awesome it feels to run and to work out. We'll just see about that. Oh and I just wanted to remind you guys...

Seek the Lord in prayer for guidance and direction. Don't force anything. Allow God to open and shut the doors of opportunity. Your part is simply to obey. If He has planted this idea in your heart and is behind what you're doing, He is obligated by his own character to see it through. Remember this: God is responsible for all the consequences of your obedience. You are responsible for all the consequences of your disobedience. ~ Charles Stanley

I think you left your water running,
Tabs <3

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