Here I am, sitting in my room which is mostly likely even smaller than a regular sized bathroom. It's 10:22 PM, and I'm feeling as if I'm about to break into a sweat.

Last week we had one of the largest thunder storms known to mankind. It raged on for about three days and it felt like that rain was about literally come to life and rip off the roof of our house. It was frightening and amazing at the same time. A couple days later it's completely sunny, without even the slightest indication that a dark threatening cloud had loomed over our neighborhood and today was just beyond belief. I climbed out of my car at school and was fullly prepared to start running to the library just so I can get into some form of AC. 86 degrees doesn't sound very hot but when you add humidity into that, You feel like your in a sauna (I most likely spelled that wrong).  I also unbelievably saw some people wearing a sweatshirt. Do they not feel heat? That just completely baffled me. I was ready to throw myself into a pile of snow and they were huddling in a jacket.

I know the heat will probably get worse, which means I'll probably sit in my car for a longer period of time, debating on whether or not going to class will even be worth leaving my freezing cold atmosphere. That will make taking summer classes incredibly difficult. By the way, don't ever get a professor who is a "pop quiz" guy. You will not pass unless you study all of your notes every single night, which I know most college students don't do. As soon as you hear those two words, walk away quickly. You will thank me.

Coping with heat doesn't work very well. At least for me it doesn't. You either go swimming, munch on anything cold, lay out a chair right by the AC, or try to keep your mind occupied with anything other than thinking about how you're melting. It's not easy, but this to shall pass. Albeit slowly, but soon it will yet again be way to cold and we'll be complaining then about how much we want it to be summer. It always happens.

Good night,
Tabs <3

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