Due to the fact that I suck at video games, and we do not own a game console of any sort, it is hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk (which I really debated upon doing), tv is no use at all, and my boredom has gone to an overload point, I went on a quest to make an origami heart. This was much harder than it seemed. I went through about 6 pieces of paper just to make the perfect heart, at which point I came to the conclusion paper hates me and so do the trees that they are made from.

I used to make origami all the time when I was younger. I could make anything imaginable from those little books with the specially made colorful paper in them, and a picture of each different form of origami. They ranged from swans, to little triangles put together to make a beautiful flower. Apparently i'm a little rusty. Okay...maybe not just a little. VERY rusty. When I decided to make this heart, I used the power of the internet to find out how to make one. So, there i am, surfing on the web! When I find the perfect heart to make. It had instructions and even step-by-step pictures with a video (yes, a video) on how to make it.

So what went terribly wrong? Well the first three tries the paper just decided to rip on each fold that I made. At the first sign of progress, the paper decided I wasn't worthy of it anymore, and then rip. I could deal with that, I was handling it very well. And then the next two tries were terrible. I would get so incredibly close to finishing it, I could even taste victory! When I would figure out I forgot a step, so that's why my heart looked incomplete and incredibly lopsided. But the sixth time was a charm :) I made the most perfect origami heart that there is to make. I would take a picture of it and show you guys, but it's too beautiful to show to the world (as you can tell, I'm quite proud of it).

Although, seeing all the other ripped, crumpled, lopsided hearts next to my perfect one, I'm starting to grow more attached to the imperfect hearts. Weird, or coincidence? ;)

Tabs <3

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