Sadly to say though from popular belief, I do not know how to surf, and most of the people here don't. Some people have never even been to the beach. I have been to Hollywood, but it's just a lot of palm trees and homeless people standing on corners. You get more sun burnt than tanned. Our guys and girls may have a pretty face, but once you get deep down you realize there aren't very many that you can trust. We have a former actor as our governor which isn't very promising, no matter how cool it may seem. No, we do not all shop at Hollister, we stay far away from it due to the bad smell coming from it and terrible lighting. Vintage, Vans, Converse, Sunglasses, and Flip Flops seem to describe our wardrobe. We don't wear them for looks, it's more of a comfort outlook. Earphones are in most of the time to drown out the sounds, not new potential friends though. You see more people at the thrift store than you do at most malls. Nights seem more slow paced, whereas the days we just want to get it over with. If we ignore you, we're busy thinking about what's ahead and how it's going to be dealt with so we apologize. We're pretty fast paced, but once you take the time to know us, we aren't as stuck up as some people make us. You just need to find the right people to trust. The big fancy restaurants are no where near as fantastic as the little taco trucks in your neighborhood construction zones. Yes, we do have palm trees everywhere. Where do they all come from? Sadly to say, most of us don't know. But they look nice. Don't make fun of us, and we most likely will not make fun of you. Teach us something new, even if we refuse at first. 

Oh and I want to be the first to say it...Welcome to California :)

Why am I ranting you may be asking yourself? Well I went to Washington a couple of years ago and was despised by everyone due to the fact that I am from California. I felt so incredibly upset that practically no one wanted to get to know me or even talk to me, since they had their own vision of someone from California. Rich, stuck up, and self absorbed. Do I really look like that? (I hope not, if I do then I'm terribly sorry and would like to inform you that I am not) Please don't judge someone from where they are from, and I'm not just speaking about people from California. I'm talking about anyone in general from anywhere. It makes the person feel really unwanted and unappreciated. Make them feel as if you have known them your whole lifetime, and would love for them to feel more at home. Trust me, it will all be worth it in the end. 

Exhaustion and homework are taking over my life once again, and I'm craving for the weekend to come as quickly as possible. "Oh it's a wonderful night for a moon dance, with the stars up above in your eyes. A fantabulous night to make romance, beneath the cover of October skies.." Van Morrison, you are amazing for that song.

Ciao and Sweet dreams,
Tabs <3

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