Okay so, one thing that I have really not explained much is my writing.

I write.

And that statement is far more confusing and intimidating than it looks. Trust me. Be very afraid. Okay not that afraid. But still afraid. I write practically all the time. Whether it's at home and in my notebook, or i get a sudden burst of an idea so i start writing on the back of a receipt. If I don't have a piece of paper or a pen nearby, then I try and keep the thought in my head until I find some. Which sadly fails to work sometimes because I have a horrible memory.

I write about everything and i write it in different forms. Sometimes it will be a poem, a 15 page long story, a sudden thought that has a very deep meaning to it, and very rarely a love song. I write because that is what keeps me sane. Most of my writings consist of what i was feeling at the moment. Anger, jealousy, happiness, you name it and it has been written. I don't let very many people read my stuff though. Maybe it's because it makes me feel uncomfortable because it's as if people are reading my life, but not really at the same time. Does that make sense? (if it does, please tell me because i'm lost on that one) I might start posting up pieces of my work later in the future, but time will tell. It slips away so quickly that we never no what the future tends to hold in store for us. 

And by the way, Happy Later 4th of July! (: 

Tabs <3

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