Weekends. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
They help you drown out the realities of everyday life by using the technique of relaxation and laziness. Two days of nothingness tends to help you get back on track with the rest of the week, by either a slower manner or awake and back up to beat. However, on the weekends your just that perfect person. You tend to be more laid back and in tune with the rest of the world around you. You tend to see things at a different point of view since, well, you actually have time to SEE things for two days. Even for those who work on weekends, people usually get Sundays off. And aren't those Sundays just amazing? Just imagine working seven days a week, with only your usual amount of hours and breaks. You would go completely insane. These two (or one) days off, help you relieve all that stress that you've been holding in from that co-worker that you really hate or that coffee machine that just decided to break down in the middle of your shift. Take a long deep breathe. Your free for the weekend.

My weekend is going okay. Fell asleep last night watching a series of Charlie Chaplin shows that I was supposed to watch today, but they kept taunting me by just sitting on my desk and staring at me. They were just asking me to watch them. So I did. However, no movies to watch now. Can anyone think of any great old movies? I'm craving them right now very badly. I'd be extremely thankful :)

Going to make some tea and try to dig up some movies that I haven't seen in a while. I'm thinking Paulie and The Little Rascals. Classics. Either that or go on a cleaning spree. Whichever decides to come first. Have a wonderful stress free no broken down coffee machine and annoying co-worker day weekend!

Tabs <3

10/21/2010 06:34:36

Hello love:),
I've just finished reading your blog and weekends are amazing:) I find myself wanting them to extend forever...
In general, I love your blog. It's very honest and I think honesty is rare in our society...


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