Yes, I am sadly still awake. It’s about to be 1:00 AM and I’m having a huge chocolate craving the size of Texas. I am also on my second can of Arizona Green Tea. For those of you who don’t know, those cans are pretty darn huge. I have a feeling that I will need to use the lavatory pretty soon.

I don’t know what’s been keeping me awake lately. I mean, I used to stay up until about 4:00 AM back in the AP class days, and now I’m barely even able to make it to midnight without yawning profusely and rubbing my eyes like a little two-year-old. However, I seem to be staying up quite a bit later than usual, and I’m wondering why. I know, I’m looking too much into this and should just count some sheep. Wrong! That is sadly not how my brain works and I have never attempted to count sheep before sleeping. It seems incredibly ridiculous and confusing. Why sheep? Why not goats or alpacas? Do sheep even have any affect on out sleeping patterns when being counted? If so, why? So many questions, yet not very many answers. That’s sadly how the world works now. Nobody ever tells us anything anymore. It’s like a soap opera without the dramatic music. I feel as if someone is going to burst through my bedroom door any moment and go “It’s all your fault!” then laugh in my face while I weep, not knowing what I did. Why is it my fault? Why can’t it just be the dog’s fault? Who knows, who knows.

As you can see I’m starting to go into one of my many stages before I fall asleep: Delusional. I start talking to myself and think random things that usually keep me awake for a while longer before I realize that I should probably get to sleep now in which I will enter the Tossing and Turning stage. That one is always the toughest to go through. It’s like trying to tell a child where babies come from. You get all antsy and suddenly feel like your mind is going insane. This too, however, shall pass.

I am now going to move into my many stages before I fall asleep on my keyboard. I want to be the first one to say this. Happy Tuesday Everyone! J Those of you, who have work, don’t let your coworkers get to you and hum a song while you do your duties. You never know, someone might hum along. Those of you, who are on spring break, don’t do anything you will regret by tomorrow. Trust me, I have seen even the best of us slip up. Hugs not drugs. Then there are those of you who are just everywhere at anytime regardless of what anyone says. For you all, make a couple of good memories for me also. Snap a picture. Make a stranger laugh. Take in a beautiful scenery. Give thanks to God that you are alive. That one, goes to everyone.

With love,
 Tabs <3 

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