They move so quickly, and don't wait for anyone to get on board once on the move. They only care about the cargo, and to get it to it's destination. Kinda like life. Life doesn't wait for anyone. It keeps going through all the mischief, sadness, jealousy, and/or happiness (happiness is pretty hard to come by these days). Through all the new people, and the old. It's really unexpected, but don't some people say we should always expect the unexpected? What if the unexpected isn't always to be expected? What if, and just what if, we aren't really cut out for the unexpected? I mean yeah, some people encourage the unexpected. It brings change into their lives and probably to their loved ones also. The unexpected brings BIG changes...I'm not sure though. It's just a theory. Another thought going through my head?

Yeah the picture is kind of fuzzy, it came off my phone. This is the railroad practically behind my house. Isn't California so green and wonderful this time of year? I think it was about 100 degrees as I was walking over that bridge with a couple of my friends (Toy Story 3 is an amazing movie by the way, we were walking home from the movies). The train had just passed below us and I couldn't help but look down at the railroad tracks. I'm not sure if this might be a kodak moment for any of you guys, but it was for me (even though the quality of the picture isn't too good). 

That railroad and the trains that always come across it, used to drive me completely insane. They would wake me up at around 6 in the morning, with the choo choo sounds. I could not stand them. But now, living near them for so long, I can't even hear them anymore. And on the rare occasions that I do hear the train go by, I have to stop and listen. It just reminds me of all the times i hated that train, and now how much I gain by listening to it. It reminds me that I have a gift that everyone else has, but sometimes don't put to use. I can hear. I think listening is one of the greatest creations that God could have possible given us. Some of us hardly use it though, which is such a shame. You can learn a lot by listening, just a theory. 

Okay okay fine, I'll stop. I can hear your boredom through the computer screen ;) and having the stomach flu doesn't help with sitting and typing for any amount of time. Heading to Washington on Thursday, exciting? Maybe. Long car ride? Indeed it will be. 

Tabs <3

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