Armed with an incredibly hot cup of tea on which I've already taken the liberty to burn my tongue on, the amazing synths of Owl City, and an amazing breeze coming from my open window, I will write away my thoughts and ambitions. Some people go jogging or feed their annoyingly loud parrot, I spend time absorbed in my laptop writing to someone who knows where that is actually interested in some other person's random thought process. Thank you random person reading this. I enjoy your company also. 

Speaking of thought processes, let's talk about them a little bit. Everyone's thought process works differently as you may very well know. No person is the same. No matter how alike they seem on the outside and what they say, they are different. How do they differentiate? Their thoughts. Of course. Hence the beginning of the thought process subject. Two people that look exactly alike could be sitting next to each other on a bus. These people are wearing the same outfits, same glasses, and even are wearing the same "NERDS RULE!" button on their shirt. However, one could be checking out the girl sitting on the seat in front of them and the other could be looking right past the girl thinking about whether or not to order pizza for dinner. From that example alone, we can find so many differences between the two. However, we humans aren't very smart, sadly to say. If you think otherwise, then take a serious look around you and you'll understand what I mean. We only look at what is on the outside and assume so many things that it's just insane. We don't get to know people anymore and figure out their thought process. 

I find it amazing how people think. For the next couple of days, I wish for all of us to try something. Get to know someone. I don't mean just a "Hello there" every once in a while, but like a serious conversation. You know that person you know but you really don't know? Come on, you know. That girl/guy whose always giving you that kind smile in the hallway, whose name you definitely know (somewhere in the back of your mind), and you never seemed to fully pay attention too? That person. Just try it out. You never know what you mind find within them. They might be the most interesting person in the whole entire world and you're just passing the opportunity to have a conversation with them because the line is getting long at the copy machine and you have to hurry. No. That is completely unacceptable. As hard as it may seem, forget the copy machine, just this once. Stalk that nice smiling person and introduce yourself. It will definitely make your day.

I plan on making muffins tomorrow morning. Blueberry to be exact. I'm not to sure I told you guys, but cupcakes were being made here the other day. Not just regular cupcakes though, but homemade cupcakes which makes it double the awesomeness. Also double the sweetness since they tasted like pure sugar and should have been labeled as some type of hazardous waste material. Nonetheless! I will muffins tomorrow like there is no after tomorrow! It will be rather exciting. Hopefully I do not burn the house down. Time for me to sleep and get my energy levels up for tomorrow's blueberry muffin day. Sleep tight wonderful world. May you have wonderful dreams and not let any bed bugs bite.

It's now 12:04 AM, Happy Saturday!,
Tabs <3

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