The Sky. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
Oh how wondrous and magnificent it is. So many mysteries it contains, and so many secrets. There are very few in this world who can actually interpret these said secrets. Most might call them "Freaks" or "Nerds". It's true. I have been called one many times and I actually take it as a compliment. These secrets are amazing and each one tells it's own story. Whether it be about how it was created, or a plant that it saw the other day, each one is astounding. We don't give the sky enough credit these days. It lights up our path with its beautiful blue color on a spring day, it gets gray and cloudy letting us know that rain is on the way and that all the dirt and grime that has been built up over the year will be cleaned out and replaced with a new type of beauty that no one can seem to explain. Of course, we give all this appreciation to God who indeed created the sky and its wonderfulness. He created everything that is amazing in this world. Like the colors we get across the sky when the sun goes down, or the different color of blue in the sky after a big storm. He deserves our thanks. Thank you God!

Me and blogging seem to be falling out of line lately, as you might be able to tell. I haven't posted in a while. Again. Bad tabby. I'll be getting my laptop back soon though so hopefully I'll be on more bugging you guys with my boring posts. You'll get so sick of me that you're face will screw up into a warhead sourness look and you'll shout to the world on your rooftop, "Dang you Tabby and your posts! I shall get my revenge on you for telling me things that I needn't know!" Revenge? Indeed not. You will think about revenge, I'm not saying you won't, but then you'll feel bad and smile all while saying, "Ohh poo. Who needs revenge!" Who knows. Maybe you guys actually like my posts and I'm just rambling on for absolutely no reason and now you're saying to yourself, "She is very odd." Yes, yes I am. 

It's a beautiful day out and it would be a shame to waste it indoors. So outside I will go and be bored out there. Maybe even make my way to a used book sale later. Who knows where the world will decide to take me today.

Have a wonderful afternoon,
Tabs <3

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