The Birds and the Trees. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
It is so lovely outside! The weather is beginning to turn into half winter and half autumn mode, with just a touch of spring. I wish I could just give nature the biggest hug. However, I know that might end badly due to all the insects that don't usually like being disturbed by strange humans and their embraces. There is also all the prickliness that some trees and bushes have to offer so maybe admiring from afar would be a better idea.

Being the huge nature buff that I am, I tend to take pictures.
Doesn't that school bus in the background just take your breathe away? Or that fence! Oh goodness, my mind is blown. Alright all kidding aside, this was taken at my old high school where I frequently go to clear my mind and just aimlessly walk around for hours. I write there, I read, I snap pictures, I sing, I definitely do not dance, and I say a couple of prayers. Nature plays such a large part in my life because it brings me so much closer to God. He created everything and every single part of this beautiful rock we live on is continuously praising Him in all of His glory. He has blessed us beyond belief with all of the wonderful things that we are surrounded by.  Next time you see a flower, first of all don't hug it. You might squish a poor little bug to death or worse, the little bug will get angry and show you whose boss. Secondly, thank God for creating it. You will feel all fuzzy inside afterward.

I also have a feeling I'll be walking around a lot more lately since I have a two month break until the spring semester begins. I practically already had a non-existent life while I was in school, but winter break is just going to be really weird without anything to occupy my time. Some of you might be saying "GET A JOB!" Ahhh well you see, that is much harder than is sounds. Making a dollar two sounds absolutely terrific but there are circumstances which prevent that from happening. To all of you who have a job, right on. Don't do anything bad to make you possibly lose it. For example, creating a destructive toy robot out of the coffee machine or making fun of your boss at the water cooler while they are unknowingly standing behind you. Keep your job. Love it. Hug it. Just not to tightly.

Disreagarding the past few days and odd stomach nausea, things are slowly getting better around here. Well, we're mostly looking on the bright side of things so we're hoping they are getting better. I have faith everything will be alright, even through all these trials. At the end of this, I'll leave you with a quote that has literally kept me going. Whenever I get worried or feel as if nothing is going alright, I think of this and somehow feel a little better. I hope it will do the same for you.

You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer your list, the smaller your God.

Have an awesome Friday!,
Tabs <3

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