Technology is a huge part of our lives. I mean with cell phones, iPod's, computers,  and whatever else there is, it's just insane. It quite scares me actually.  Not only due to the fact that this world is getting more technologically advanced each day that passes, but also because anything that is electronic just completely hates me.

Everything electronic that I haven't worked with for a while just spontaneously decides that it doesn't want to work for me. And me only. It has me so utterly confused and rather sad.  Let's say for example that I pick up someones touch screen phone and I would like to just examine it. I'll turn it over a couple times and maybe even press a couple of buttons. The phone will not like this and it will either just die or turn off by itself. It's true. Disturbing, isn't it? It's like I have some really weird force that tells any electronically powered thing to back off. Maybe I just have something stuck between my teeth. In which case I must check my teeth before using someones electronic device.

I've been in super writer mode for the past couple of days which hasn't happened in a while. I'm back to writing on anything I can when I spontaneously get an idea (I pretty much mean anything, it's pretty frightening) and I'm taking more pictures than usual. I guess summer tends to bring out the artist in me. Will I share any of my photography or writing with you? Possibly. I actually somewhat shared one of my writings in my last post about dreams. If you stalk me on Twitter than you'll probably see my photography every once in a while. If you don't, then here's a peak.
Yes, I love flowers with all of my being. I actually sniffed those rather profusely after I took the picture. They smelled amazing. I'll take a sniff for you also the next time I pass by them. I'll also tell them hello if you like. That's also a glimpse of the California weather.

I need to get to my nightly yoga routine (Yes, I do yoga. Don't give me that look.) and then probably fall asleep to who knows what probably another Charlie Chaplin episode reel. However, there's also the fact that it's a beautiful night and the stars are just waiting patiently to be looked at. I might even see a shooting star. Oh how wonderful that would be.

Mmmm tea,
Tabs <3


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