I always feel so incredibly pathetic when I cry during a movie. I don't usually show it, but I am usually yelling at myself wondering why I even started crying in the first place. I mean, it is just a movie, correct? Unless the movie is actually based on a true story which really does give a legitimate reason for me to bawl my eyes out and snort into about ten tissues. It just makes the whole aspect of the movie even worse (in a good way though) due to the fact that it actually happened. When I think about the hardships that the person actually went through, it makes me burst into tears all over again. What is even more disturbing is that I still cry even when I have seen the movie multiple times. My brain just does not want to take in the fact that yes, I have seen this before so you should be getting your tears all over your pillow pet...again. No, I just continuously cry like some derranged human being that does not get the concept that movies will ALWAYS be just movies, even if some are true stories. They will still get to me just like the SPCA commercials.

Life is a mess and mostly consists of tears, whether they are intentional or not. The only one that can truly wipe them away is God and He even counts all of them. That's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. We cry over weird things such as, of course, sappy sad movies and also spilled milk. I mean, why not just get another glass of it? No, we have to cry. It just feels like it makes more sense. It releases something that one has been holding back. It brings some sort of relief that just feels great afterward.

Now I don't want to sound all depressed and what not (I'm actually in a pretty good mood) but crying does relieve some sort of un-witnessed tension. I honestly do have one specific day in which I just watch the saddest movies known to mankind and blubber like there is no tomorrow. And it actually helps. Totally not kidding. I know for sure that most girls have them (if not then I'm just strange) and even though you look terrible afterwards, you feel somewhat better. If you haven't done it, then try it. It really does work.

Besides all the crying that has been going on with all the sad movies, Holloween is coming up. Not a fan of it whatsoever. I can definitely live without it and all the creepy looking costumes that come with it. I despise it as much as I despise english muffins. Which, trust me, really says a lot. That day will most likely be spent watching Charlie Chaplin episodes and regretting the eating a whole carton of ice cream. So unhealthy but yet so incredibly good. I don't seem to handle the concept of "diet" very well. A four lettered word that irritates me because I can't have my usual ration of sugar. Darn you "diet." Darn you.

Procrastinating on my English paper as I usually do and wondering when is a good day to start my math homework. I also got a haircut (finally) and it is the oddest feeling ever. All you ladies with short hair, how do you do it? I keep tugging on it to see if it will spontaneously get longer. Not a fan. However, I now have a date with my pillow pet so I will bid you all a wonderful night.

Tabs <3

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