I don't think I have ever encountered anything so amazing an delicious. Soda and coffee should be completely banned from this world! Okay maybe not coffee since that's what keeps most of this population alive and sane in the mornings or maybe even also during the day time. I used to have about 3 cups of coffee a day, which I eventually discovered is a totally bad habit that should be stopped and avoided. I'm still trying to get used to it. But anyway tea! Oh my goodness, yes, tea. So many different varieties and so little time to try them all. And even if you think you've tried them all, you haven't. Isn't that great and completely annoying at the same time?

So someone told me today that I'm quiet. This someone was a guy coming over to buy my dads truck, which he was stuck in traffic so lucky me, got to hand over the car. Me, knowing absolutely nothing about cars, watched as he and his father examined it. They complimented on many things, such as how clean it was, or the fact that the tires were new (which apparently they were rather impressed with), and that it runs great. I stood there, nodded and smiled. Then it came. "You know, your pretty quiet for someone who is about to sell me a truck." First off, I was not going to sell it to him. It was not my truck, and he was a complete stranger. Handsome, seemed decent, but a stranger. I was taught well as a child. Second, cars make no sense to me. All I know is that if it can run, it should be fine to drive, hence me not talking. Third, I have never heard someone tell me I'm quiet out loud. I mean I know I'm quiet sometimes, but to hear it from a stranger? It was kind of like moment where you just stare at the person, comprehending what they are saying. As if your not sure they were just speaking english or chinese. It was just odd for me. And when I heard that, I got even quieter. I did not know what to say, and felt like a complete idiot. Then my dear father showed up and I escaped (but was watching them out my window).

I think that was most likely the highlight of my week...either that or getting this amazing Arizona Green Tea. So my point for this odd story was, I vote tea over coffee any day (:

Tabs <3

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