Sunsets. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
Have you ever experienced one of those sunsets with just all of the colors of the rainbow involved in it? For example, there's the green from the trees, blue from, well, the sky, and all of these purple pink orange colors mixed in between to create a color that can't even be made into a crayon (which is really saying something, I think even cherry pie has been made into a crayon). I just experienced one of those sunsets. I mean, it was just amazing. It only lasted a couple of moments though since I was in a car and it just flashed by, but it still counts. Right? It's one of those things that you just want to freeze in that one moment, and just stare. Not even a picture can last longer, sad to say. It just envelops you in such a wave of happiness that you can barely contain it. If Crayola really did make a crayon in that color, I would smear it everywhere. And yes, in a weird obsessive sort of way.

Meltdown yesterday. Large. Massive. Teary. Blah. Sort or meltdown. Not sure if I should apologize. I might. Let me think about it.

No school on Monday. This is an amazing discovery. Apparently, everyone has known about it since the beginning of this month, but me of course. Why should I know about important things like this? Because I like to know the days that I can sleep in and be lazy. I actually plan my laziness. It takes time, effort, and large amounts of sleep. I plan it half asleep actually. My sleepness comforts me and my daily schedule. It works, okay? Please don't question my random thoughts of oddness because half of the time I don't know what I'm saying but to me, it makes sense. So it's alright that I understand my own insanity...right?

I apologize.

Paint the sky different colors, make it your own canvas. Dream as if no one is watching and dance as if your surrounded. Speak out your opinion, you never know when you might get another chance. Happiness and Loves. Joy and Sadness. We rule our own world on our own terms, just make sure those terms are written in ink instead of pencil. Pencil tends to smudge.

Tabs <3


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