Sunday Mornings.. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
are always wonderful. They just always give you that feeling of relaxation, as if the world just decides to slow down for this one day. Your neighbors are actually in a good mood, it always seems to be cool outside, everyone has a smile on their face. Yeah, that's the life. What's great about it, is that everyone can experience it (well if your a workaholic then that changes things, or have insomnia). Take my morning for example. I woke up to partly cloudy skies, little wet spots on the ground from where it rained which also leaked that wonderful smell in through my open window, and it was pretty cold outside but having that warm comfy feeling underneath the blankets. Doesn't that just sound wonderful? I wish all of you could have experienced that (and i mean in your own room, with your own partly cloudy skies and rain. I'm not sure I can share mine). 

Besides the wonderful Sunday morning, I have tons of homework to do that I decided to put off until today. Aren't I just fantastic? No, I'm not. That was a rhetorical question. However, if you did say that I was fantastic then that is gladly appreciated but I reject it. I am far from the amazing kind of fantastic. I am the kind of fantastic that you see working at a snack bar and getting your change completely wrong, you pointing it out to me, me feeling like a complete idiot and giving you your exact change, and then you complaining about how gross the food looks, but yet you still paid for it (which i actually did all of Friday night at our homecoming football game). I am far from the cool kind of fantastic. I do consider myself unique in my own way though, as everyone in this world is. So there is always an upside to not being awesome :). Well, awesome in the sense that your snack bar fantastic like me, but if your cool fantastic then that's just a whole different story. Cool fantastic people don't even pay attention to snack bar fantastic people like me. It's like we have some unknown disease that could kill them with just one touch or make them have boils. I find it very odd, since the fantastic people that screw up so much like me, tend to be some pretty interesting people if I do say so myself. Don't you agree (that is not a rhetorical question)?

I can hear my homework calling my name. Figuratively of course, not literally. That would be pretty scary. What form of torture should I commit to it? I can always have my dog eat it, but that's too obvious. What if I "accidently" dropped it in the shredder? Or had it eaten by sharks? I think I'm on to something here. Have a wonderful Sunday Morning!

Tabs <3

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