Strawberries by Alvin Love - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
This song is so incredibly addicting that it isn't even funny. I have had it playing over and over again for the past...oohh I don't know, about 3 weeks. Pathetic right? I think not! I will never give into the fact that I am pathetic, even though I did indeed get stuck in a sweatshirt yesterday. 

Anyway Happy February everyone :) I have a feeling that this month is going to be a pretty darn amazing month. You know that feeling you sometimes get in the morning, when you just KNOW that its going to be a good day? That's how I feel, except for this whole entire month. Something good is going to happen. Something really good. I have no idea what it is, whether the fact that I will actually be able to go in a hot air balloon ride, or America will finally get its own super hero. I know that it's going to be absolutely mind blowing. 

I know that I have been on in a while again, but I can actually type now. What do I mean by that? Well, I was playing tennis a while back and I had just got warmed up. I turned to hit the ball, racquet turned very weird in my hand, wrist turned the same way, and ta-da! A sprained wrist. I had this weird cast thing on for a while, but my wrist is slowly getting better now. I've had worse though so this is cake. Which sounds incredibly good right now. Time to go. I just wanted to get on very quickly and do an update. Here's a little something from the song Strawberries <3

"Love. It must be the topic, from every other song that I know.
Still it's so mystical, everybody's stressing, to find the ultimate expression of the way it feels when you, so called fall in love. Well let the search go on, as for me? I'll do just fine. With all the love in my heart something is coming by. You're just an old fashion beauty. A really sophisticated cutie. Girl! If there were only words to tell you how I feel. On second thought, there just might be, What would you do..

if I told you that all the strawberries in the world, could never compare to how sweet my love's for you? It might sounds crazy, but it's true..."

Have a wonderful night :)
Tabs <3

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