I don't know if I'm the only one that's unable to do this very well, but speaking isn't my strongest trait. When I'm nervous, I tend to over-talk and sometimes I don't even talk at all.  Speaking is a very large part of our lives. It's our way of communicating with the other people around us. It lets people know more about us and it creates a big impact on who they see us to be.

There is a saying that I hear people quote constantly and I know you've heard it. I can hear you saying it out loud already. It's "Actions speak louder than words". This saying can be translated in so many different ways that it actually confuses me to no end. Actions indeed speak very loudly. The things we see people do on a daily basis astounds us. Well, it definitely astounds me at least. We all have different character traits which is why we are astounded when we someone doing something that we aren't usually accustomed too. People do things that upset us, irritate us, and downright just make us mad. Why? We don't like their actions. However, to the person that's committing the action, it seems like the right thing to do. They don't know they are making us mad. Well, actually they might but that isn't the point here. We are just the one that's interpreting their actions as something bad. The next time you see someone doing something that gets on your last nerves, try and be more understanding. We could use some more understanding people in this world.

The last part of the saying is "words". Wow. I'm using words right now. There are tons of words in the English language and in every language for that matter. I don't know how many exactly and I don't think no one ever will, that's how many there are. So why compare our actions to something so vast as something as "words"? I think that's the part that confuses me the most in the statement. We can speak both through our actions and our words, but words can be just as hurtful as our actions. Words can also be spoken in different tones which can also make them much harsher than they seem to be. Here is an example. Say someone just comes up to you and pushes you. I know I would get upset and a little confused as to why I was pushed. However, if that person were to threaten me with mean words instead of pushing me, I would probably get just as upset. Actually maybe even more upset. Especially if they came from someone that I really care about. See? That statement is just a complete and total fail to me. That's just my opinion though.

In conclusion, I would like you all to watch your actions and your words very carefully. Both of them can have a very large impact on one's life. It could be your life or the lives the people who surround you. You might hurt someone without realizing it, but then you can also put a smile on someone's face and make their day. Which do you prefer out of those two? I pick the second one. Definitely. We were all meant to smile and shine our happiness throughout this world like a flashlight with a battery that never runs out. Spread as much good as you can to everyone around you through both actions and words. Just smiling by itself is a huge actions. Did you know smiling is consistent with eating two thousand chocolate bars? I don't care who you are and whether or not you like chocolate, but that's a lot of happiness going on right there! 

Spread the smiles!,
Tabs <3 :)

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