They irritate you to no end and blame you for things that you haven't even attempted doing. They read your diary and pour chocolate milk all over your favorite shirt. They color all over your science project with crayons and listen in on your phone calls. They ALWAYS eat the last cookie and trick you into playing rather dangerous games. They always make fun of you and push your buttons until you develop an unusual twitch. They are a pain in the you know what and make you scream into pillows. I know, I have one. 

Granted, I have an older brother but he acts like he's five-years-old even though he's twenty-four. It always seems that I'm the grown up and he's the one running around the house with his underwear on top of his pants. He drives me insane to no end. The things he does sometimes just makes me want to launch the nearest pointy object at him. However, that would not be very nice and I seem to have a lot of patience. I have shot him at close range with a BB gun but that's a completely different story. As irritating as he is, I put up with him. Why? Well, first of all because he's my brother. Secondly, I love him but I really don't like him all the time. 

The point to this rambling is that as annoying as siblings can be, they are still family. They are still apart of our own flesh and blood. We put up with their nonsense because we do indeed like having them around. Oh come on, don't you roll your eyes. I can just see you reading this right now and shaking your head. It's true and you know it! We love them. Even if you completely hate your siblings with all of your being, there's a part of you that would just be missing if something were to happen to them. A sort of emptiness, if you will. Out of all their nonsense, they make us smile like no other on those very rare occasions. Just pay tribute to them one day. Buy them a box of chocolates. Write them an "I Love You" note and stick it up on their door. They won't even know what to think.  Just seeing their facial expression from this random act of kindness will be incredibly priceless. Try it! It will be something you won't regret. Well, hopefully not at least. May God bless all of you and your siblings. 

All I can think about is the wisdom teeth removal that I have to go through on Tuesday. I'm getting two taken out normally, and the other two I need surgically removed. Yikes to the fullest level. I'm already shaking. Any type of consolation here would benefit me a lot and I would give you the hugest virtual hug known to mankind. Help me!

Happy Almost Sunday,
Tabs <3

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