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I hate the fact that college classes get filled so quickly. My registration time was already pretty late anyway and that fact that people literally devour any chance of having a class early (even if they really don't care about it, it's the satisfaction of getting in that counts) leaves me to believe that it's going to be about ten years before I even get my general education. I feel like punching something. Last semester I was only able to tackle down two classes, and once again I have only been able to get into two classes I actually need this semester. I'm contantly checking everyday to see is two other classes have opened that I actually need but hope is fading fast. I'm getting to the point where I'm planning just to show up to class on that day and hope I'll be one of the students picked to stay there. Sounds like a good plan that will most likely fail. Help me.

Besides having high-in-the-sky hopes about college students dropping out of their classes, winter break is slowly coming to a close. Well, I actually have until January 23rd before this becomes true but I know I'll be heading to school soon before to find out where my only two lame classes are. And also track down the ones I want to get into. I know, I'm desperate. Feel free to pity me.

By the way....drumroll please.....this is my first post of 2012! WOOT WOOT! Sorry, I had to let that out. How was everyone's New Year? I hope it was fantastic. I hope you lit a ton of illegal fireworks and sang the lyrics wrong to your favorite song. I also hope you felt completely embarrassed after you did that. Next year (or hopefully some year very soon), I hope to be standing in the middle of Time Square, the lights blinding me, being elbowed in the face by so many people, and watching that ball drop at midnight. Yes? Sounds like a great plan, right? I think so. Maybe not the elbowing in the face but everything else sounds amazing. And also hopefully meeting YOU. That's right. You. You and that pretty face of yours.

With New Years and break almost gone, all that is left is working on some teenSMART package to get a discount on car insurance. I don't have enough words to desribe how incredibly dull and boring this thing is. Due to lack of computer knowledge, I also get to do the "Parent Participation" part for my dad. Check on me in about four days to make sure I haven't lost my sanity. It would be much appreciated. Other than that, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Also, if it's raining where you are, thank God with all your heart. We're missing it over here in California. Tragedy might strike soon, and not in a good way.

-Tabs <3

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