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If you haven't tried those babies, you should put them right at the top of your "Food To Stuff In My Face" list. Trust me, they are so worth it. I tried my first one a couple of weeks ago and I am seriously hooked. I haven't hit the addict stage yet, but I will be soon. Bakery's and stores should give them as samples on street corners, they are just that amazing. 

Wedding bells have been sounding everywhere and I'm pretty sure I've been invited to every one of them. Don't get me wrong, I love weddings. The tacky decour, little boxes filled with Hershey Kisses, and that one person who never sings but spontaneously decides to at the reception (even though they aren't good at it). The killer heels get tossed and everyone mostly goes just to get free food, even though the food will most likely not taste very good. I just attended a wedding last week, and I'm heading to another one at one o'clock today. I also have one more to head to next month. Love is blossoming which means flower bouquets are eventually going to be thrown. I'm just hoping that one of these weddings will have red velvet cupcakes to take home with you. I would be eternally grateful.

Like every girl in this world, I continuously wonder what my wedding is going to be like. I think about how the groom will look as I walk down the isle, praying that I'm not going to trip. I then giggle as I can already see my best friend, the maid of honor, telling me to take deep breathes and on edge since she knows I'll probably faint soon. My hands will be shaking and I will most likely be crying before we even begin to say our vows. My brother will most likely be mouthing the words "Don't Barf!" and my dad will be fanning himself, trying to be manly and not cry. Yes, the is how I see my wedding. Typical? Some of you might say yes. Others might say that my family sounds completely insane at which point I will agree rather proudly. However, there's still a long time until I get married. Just waiting for tomorrow is an eternity. Only God knows what the future holds for us.

If you haven't looked at your calender lately, I would like to inform you that Autumn has indeed arrived. Every store I seem to walk into smells like cinnamon and pumpkins. It's driving me insane with love. Even the weather has decided to take a break from the blazing heat and cool us down with clouds and a chance of rain tomorrow. I wish I knew how to say excited in five different languages just to show you all how happy I am.

Time to go take a shower and squeeze in some homework time before the wedding. Wish me luck. I don't do well in high heels.

Have a lovely day,
Tabs <3

10/1/2011 14:13:07

Heck yes I'll be there telling you to breathe and try not to cry so you don't mess up the make up and to stop fidgeting because you look beautiful and no you cannot take off you heals half way through the vows and whatever other crazy stuff

10/1/2011 14:46:27

Oh your good cookie pants. My dress will be pretty long though so you won't be able to see when I take off my heels. The fidgetting will also be a given, and maybe some of Ryan's squatting.

10/4/2011 10:27:45

They will be able to tell because u will magically be shorter and the dress will pool around ur feet making u trip if u try to walk. A little fidgeting i will allow it is when u start rocking back and forth on ur heals or something that i will whisper yell at u and defiantly no squatting!!!!!


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