No, I did not go to prom. Yes, I was asked to prom. However, I stayed away from prom for some reasons that are better not discussed. Me and prom would never have gotten along. The dress, heels, horror movie decor, I wouldn't have even lasted five minutes. That is why I created a movie night. 


It was awesome to the fullest level of awesome. I had every type of candy imaginable from Snickers bars to Star Wars fruit snacks. I watched about seven movies in total before I fell asleep covered in colorful candy wrappers, a half empty ice cream carton, and drooling all over my pillow. I have never felt so alive! However, I am now paying for my sugar indulgence. I tried running and I'm pretty sure someone walking at a completely normal pace passed right by me. I'm surprised I didn't completely barf though from just running a couple of steps. I'm not to sure I'll ever look at sweets the same way ever again.

For all of you who already had prom whether it was a couple days ago or a way while back, I hope you had a great time. I hope you smashed balloons in each others faces and spilled spiked punch everywhere. I hope you made memories that will always last and you will never forget. However, those of you who didn't go to prom, high five! We're still cool. We also made some memories that will go down in the record books. I know that I will never forget how I OD'd on sugar and cried my eyes out (again) watching Mandy Moore get cancer in A Walk To Remember. That is such a sad movie. It gets me every time. She was so strong. 

Anyway getting off topic. Whether you went to prom or not last night, I hope you made memories that will last forever. Even eating cereal is something great to remember. You never know when it might come in handy. Time for me to sleep. Church tomorrow :)

All my heart,
Tabs <3

7/19/2012 07:18:06 pm

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