I love being creative. It's something that I was born with. When I was little I had imaginary friends who I talked to quite a bit, I loved to paint, I was the owner of a ton of coloring books, and I even created an entire army of soldiers out of paper at one point so they could wage war. My creativity then sprouted even more throughout my school years, quite a bit in my writing area, and eventually helped me become the person I am today. Minus the pillow pets and lack of sleep.

I believe that there isn't a concrete definition for creativity. There are so many different ways that it can be expressed that the more you think about it, the more confusing it seems. Where does creativity come from? Does it stem from what we see or what we feel? Does it just rapidly come to us or does it lull in the depths of our minds for long periods of time until we're ready to act on it? It's one simple word that is just so incredibly difficult to explain. Another thing about creatvity that makes it even more confusing is that it also encompasses so many different words  when it's mentioned. In order to be creative, one has to be imaginative, determined, persistent, happy, joyful, frustrated, elated, surprised, insightful, and every other word imaginable in a short (or long) period of time. So taking into consideration all of these other words that are involved in the making of just this single word, there has to be an unlimited amount of definitions that go with them. I don't think it's even possible for one explanation to be taken into account. Isn't that just mind boggling? It's truly amazing how God created us in a way that we can actually feel emotions like this and act on them.

Of course, creativity is something that needs to be used in school also. It's like one of those mandatory things that you start with in kindergarten and just take with you from then on. In high school, I once had a history teacher who told the class that there are so many people in this world who are incredibly smart and can just know the facts right off the bat. They can calculate things and name correct answers to questions like it's no ones business. However, even though they are intellectually perfect, they sometimes aren't the ones that are sought after. It's the creative ones that people want the attention of. They are the ones that in between all the facts and calculated answers, they offer something that is outside of the box. They offer an entire new outlook and explanation to a problem that no one would have even thought of coming up with. They help create and thrive.

We all have some form of creativity hidden in between the cracks of our skin. Some show it all at once, and others are to shy to bring themselves up to it. Nonetheless, we all have it and it is truly a blessing to contain something that can literally be as simple as finding a new way to clean the house quicker before work, or coming up with an idea that can change the world. Also, we must never forget the greatest Creator of all, who made it possible for us to have this gift. Thank you Lord, for painting us and this world with your creative hand. Let's just hope that we can also paint this world in a way that honors His name. So what are you waiting for? Go be creative.

With smiles,
Tabs <3
Dennis, can I just say one last thing about Mars? - which may be strange coming from a Science-Fiction writer - But right now, you and me here, put together entirely of atoms, sitting on this round rock with a core of liquid iron, held down by this force that seems to trouble you, called gravity, all the while spinning around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour and whizzing through the milkyway at 600,000 miles an hour in a universe that very well may be chasing its own tail at the speed of light; And admist all this frantic activity, fully cognisant of our own eminent demise - which is our own pretty way of saying we all know we're gonna die - We reach out to one another. Sometimes for the sake of entity, sometimes for reasons you're not old enough to understand yet, but a lot of the time we just reach out and expect nothing in return. Isn't that strange? Isn't that weird? Isn't that weird enough? The heck do ya need to be from Mars for? - John Cusack, The Martian Child

Sometimes it's difficult to understand that we're actually apart of this Earth. We tend to get lost in our own thought processes and everything around us is just so distracting, that we begin to feel as if we're floating away. Life is hectic for us human beings, and I will most definitely be the first one to admit that. With family, friends, work, and our well-being on the line, who has time to think about other things? In Dennis's case, he purely thought he was from Mars. And I think we could all relate to him in some way because, every once in a while, I believe we all wish we could be from a different planet so we could just look at all the rest of the earthlings and shake our heads in remorse.  However, due to the unalterable fact that we are humans and martians don't exist, we have to go through this life cycle facing the facts and dealing with everything that tends to come our way. Yes, we can't help but be depressed every once in a while because things down here on this rock can be cruel sometimes.  But, things are never as bad as they seem.

You know that moment when a stranger smiles at you, and you smile back? Have you ever thought about why you do that? It's simple. We care. Some of us care about fewer things and others just burst with it, but we all do it. We all care about something, but we can't care about every little thing. I don't think we can even begin to think about all the things that are going on around us at the same time. If our brain were to take into consideration all of it, we might explode. And I definitely mean that figuritively. If we believe we can't handle this Earth because there is just way to much going on, we are in way over our heads. Thank you Lord that we don't have to take it all into account. We would need an infinte amount of memory space. Nonetheless, we still have some small part of us that cares about something, no matter how difficult times get on this rock we live on.

God never gives us more than we can handle on this Earth. Sometimes He pushes the limits until the point where you just throw up your hands and yell, "Fine! Do what you want with me. I'm done with my way. You can do whatever you like Lord." To be honest, that's when things usually start looking up.  When we let go of the wheel of life and put everything in His hands, when we stop hoping we could live on a different planet, when we care more often, when we take a deep breathe and realize that this whole Earth concept isn't that bad because we have God on our side, then we can be content between all the chaos. We can live peacefully.

-Tabs <3
Here I am, sitting in my room which is mostly likely even smaller than a regular sized bathroom. It's 10:22 PM, and I'm feeling as if I'm about to break into a sweat.

Last week we had one of the largest thunder storms known to mankind. It raged on for about three days and it felt like that rain was about literally come to life and rip off the roof of our house. It was frightening and amazing at the same time. A couple days later it's completely sunny, without even the slightest indication that a dark threatening cloud had loomed over our neighborhood and today was just beyond belief. I climbed out of my car at school and was fullly prepared to start running to the library just so I can get into some form of AC. 86 degrees doesn't sound very hot but when you add humidity into that, You feel like your in a sauna (I most likely spelled that wrong).  I also unbelievably saw some people wearing a sweatshirt. Do they not feel heat? That just completely baffled me. I was ready to throw myself into a pile of snow and they were huddling in a jacket.

I know the heat will probably get worse, which means I'll probably sit in my car for a longer period of time, debating on whether or not going to class will even be worth leaving my freezing cold atmosphere. That will make taking summer classes incredibly difficult. By the way, don't ever get a professor who is a "pop quiz" guy. You will not pass unless you study all of your notes every single night, which I know most college students don't do. As soon as you hear those two words, walk away quickly. You will thank me.

Coping with heat doesn't work very well. At least for me it doesn't. You either go swimming, munch on anything cold, lay out a chair right by the AC, or try to keep your mind occupied with anything other than thinking about how you're melting. It's not easy, but this to shall pass. Albeit slowly, but soon it will yet again be way to cold and we'll be complaining then about how much we want it to be summer. It always happens.

Good night,
Tabs <3
Just got done typing up some notes for Psychology and my brain has already turned to mush. That class hates me. Better yet, my professor's teaching methods hate me. I mean, who gives "pop quizzes" anymore? And two of them in a row? Does he really want me to start banging my head repeatedly my desk and scream at the top of my lungs? Or throw a temper tantrum in the middle of class all while chucking pencils accross the room? I don't think so, but I will definitely poke someone's eye out with a number 2 writing utensil if he gives us anymore of those horrid quizzes. Lives will be at stake. Even Dwight is afraid.

Okay yes, I'm overexaggerating (I probably didn't spell that correctly). I would never do something like that. Don't judge me.

Well I was in the neighborhood and thought I should stop by with a little blog before my laptop's battery decides to cough out its last little bit of energy and just completely die.

Not much has been on my mind lately. I get up each morning, pray and read the Bible, sigh while then trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, and then get on with the day ahead. My days are usually either filled with school or running a ton of errands with my mom. Every once in a while, I get to actually go for a walk and take in all the wonderful nature around me. Also, unfortunately Spring has decided not to come to California this year. Shocking, I know. It's been cloudy and dreary for the past few weeks and my break from school is next week. I was planning on heading to LA for some sun and surf (not really surf) but that might not be possible if it decides to spontaneously pour rain on us. Being on a soggy beach and in a rain jacket isn't very fun. At least at this time of year it isn't. I will have to result to just sitting in my tiny cubicle of a room and watch Charlie Chaplin re-runs. Again. Which isn't really that bad actually.

I hope it's warm where all of you are. I hope you can see the stars at night and enjoy the suns rays on your skin during the day. I hope you have had the opportunity to break out those flip-flops and shorts. If you haven't yet, then the time will come soon when you will. The sun always comes after the rain my dear blog readers.

Time for me to bid you all farewell. Don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your face. Oh and did you take your vitamins today? Take them now if you didn't!

Good night,
Tabs <3
I got baptized today.

It was amazing to the fullest level of amazing. The other baptism candidates and I sat in front of the entire church. We sang. We were shaking from nervousness. We were cold. We read our testimonies. We took deep breathes. We then got nervous all over again. We tried not to think about the possibility of the microhphones falling into the water while we were getting baptized and electrocuting us. Okay, maybe that one was just me. My parents and my lovely best friend Kelsey were present, and I love them to no end. May God bless them abundantly with everything wonderful in life and may He also keep them in His arms. May He also bless everyone else in this entire world, and may He let everyone feel the love that He so abundantly gives.

This is going to be a short blog, I'm incredibly tired but also happy enough to tell you guys about my day. I'm a cornocopia of surprised. Well, sometimes. And I also most likely spelled that word wrong.

Just a wonderful verse to leave you with. Good night!,
Tabs <3
I don't like parties. The people that usually attend smell like sweat and fruit punch that expired years ago. You get kneed in your stomach and accidently punched by flailing arms. There is always that one window that tends to get broken. Your friends are also either clinging to you for dear life so they won't get sucked into the void of house guests or they ditch you for someone else that they've seen. Headaches are usually involved with no aspirin in sight. Did I mention the guy running around yelling "Toga" at the top of his lungs? Well yeah, he's there too. And he also doesn't even know what a toga is. He's just yelling that because he just stuck his head in a washing machine while it was turned on. His friends dared him to, the water hadn't completely drained out of that head of his. A normal conversation can't be heard unless one yells at the top of their lungs and uses hand movements (hence the flailing) like a game of charade.

It's hectic.

People tell me a lot that I need to get out of the house more and just "hang out," as they put it. And I do. I really do. I go for walks to my old high school, I sit in my backyard and stare at the sky, and I run errands. That's the extent to my outdoor adventures. Big events where lots of people are involved? Not a fan. I'm a quiet human being. I think more than I speak. Thankfully I haven't reached "monk" status though. I don't wear a robe all day and stand on my porch drinking coffee, then rinse and repeat. I'm also not a fan of cursing anymore and bad jokes, which is what a ton of people are into these days. Yes, I'm old fashioned and I'm honestly okay with that. I would rather take a walk in the park than head to a crammed theatre to see a movie that will most likely come out on DVD in a couple months anyway. I'm in the background of most things and that's okay. Being front and center isn't always everything. It's always the camera flashes and tacky decour that you always want to watch out for.

To everyone that shares the same traits as me, high five! No, we're not "loners." I hate that word with all of my being. Along with "stupid." I hate that word too. They should never be used, especially to describe someone. They're degrading and incredibly inappropriate. If you're quiet, right on! If you would rather read a book than go to a party, sweet! You're still an awesome person. Trust me, you most definitely are.  God made you a wonderful individual with a different personality. Embrace that and don't let it ever make you upset. Also, you can poke your head out from out of the shadows every once in a while. There's nothing to be afraid of that either.

The following quote made me giggle. Mostly because I really am a hardcore debator when presented with the opportunity and it just fits perfectly. Hope it makes you smile.

I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me. - Dave Barry

Don't hold your breathe,
Tabs <3
Got the blue sky breeze and it don’t seem fair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise there’s a fire in the sky
Never been so happy
Never felt so high
And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise

Oh goodness, someone please take me to the beach! I miss that salty air like there is no tomorrow! Summer, please come quickly. I would really like to be at the shore of Bodega Bay, sunglasses on, my hair getting sunburnt, and smiling the day away. That sounds nice.

By the way, avocado and oatmeal clay face masks are beyond amazing. I started using it and my skin hasn't felt this awesome in a really long time. I keep touching it since it's so soft. It's addicting. Ladies (and even guys if you would like), do it. You will thank me. Well, at least I hope you do. If you have some sort of allergic reaction I truly apologize. I only meant for the best.

Did you like what I previously wrote? Thought I should share that right along with my love for tulips. Me gusta. Hopefully I'll be expanding my writing knowledge and I will have more to come.

Writing in short blurbs, I know. Need to do some studying but I missed blogging. Thought I should update.

That might actually be it though. Sad, I know.

Do some surfing for me,
Tabs <3

P.S. - I was wrong about the 49ers going to the Superbowl. Never rely on me for sports info.
Yes please.
Tabs <3
    Jamie was sitting on her front porch, with a smile upon her lips. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining through the trees, letting its beams gently settle across the bright green grass. The sky was gentle blue color, as it always seemed to be after a big rainstorm. Birds were chirping as they were admiring nature’s beauty and leaves were fluttering to the ground in the soft breeze. What a gorgeous sight. She took a deep breath and let everything around her sink in. The wooden steps under her were still sprinkled with little drops of water and she could feel them seeping through her jeans. No problem, she thought to herself, I’ll just change when I get back in later. The scenery was just to wonderful to abandon. 

     The wide open space from their countryside farm seemed so much larger when the skies were clear. It gave the feeling that the land was just never ending and that it would take hours to walk from the house to the barn, when in reality it only took a minute. Sometimes she would wander out into the wide open fields and imagine herself soaring above this entire world. What would the view look like from up there? Is it really as wide and big as it seems from down below? She pondered these things continuously. Jamie then slowly stood up and let her fingers find their way into her jacket pockets. She made her way down onto the gravel driveway and listened as the pebbles made a crunching sound under her shoes as she walked. 

     When she got to the only main road that passed by her house, she peered down it in both directions. Not one neighbor in sight and that was how her family liked it. Jamie, her parents, and her three brothers grew up cut off from civilization. When they went to school, it took about one hour just to drive there. It would take longer in the rain since you had to be more careful about the dirt stretches that came out of nowhere and would suddenly make you slide into a ditch. That was a long time ago though, now she was home schooled. It did in fact get lonely, but everything around her kept her mind occupied. Sometimes, their only neighbor who lived about five miles away would stop by and visit for a couple of hours. Even some of her old friends from school that kept in touch would bike the long journey to her house and stay the night. Jamie liked remembering that there were other actual people who lived on this earth other than her family and all of their farm animals.

    Suddenly, a huge mass of dark clouds yet again rolled in and enveloped the entire landscape. Jamie knew that the rain was coming back, and her smile got even larger. She looked toward the heavens and as if on cue, she felt a small drop of water fall on her cheek. It subtly rolled down and was soon followed by another, and another, until she was being plummeted. It felt as if someone was holding a sprinkler above her head. The birds that were hovering above quickly went and took cover, while you could hear the large splashing sound that came from the rain hitting the trees. Jamie closed her eyes, slowly lifted her hands upwards, and held on to this sweet moment God had given her. She felt every emotion all at once. In times like these she knew that although they had no one near them, she was never alone. Everything around her breathed life. She felt comforted. She felt joy. She felt freedom.

Tabs <3
Family life can be hard sometimes. Trust me, I know. You can't run away from it because you will then find yourself all alone with a guilty conscience of leaving the people you love behind. You might try to convince yourself that you made the right decision (and some of you might have, not every household is the same and sometimes you just need to leave), but you can't completely stay away. Things tend to pull you back whether you like it or not. There are problems that you sometimes can't handle and you feel stressed beyond belief. Everyone in your household is just acting differently lately and you don't know what to do. Things are changing for the worse. I will give you a personal example.

God granted me the gift of patience and calmness in my family. When you live with hot tempered people and you're the quietest one, it's difficult. I'm small and tend to stay out of the way so my family overlooks me quite a bit. However, I do intervene when needed. Anger and sadness are something I don't tolerate very well, so I don't like seeing it around me. Whenever I hear someone yelling or arguing, I try to help and calm things down. Well, with people who tend to get upset easily, they then blow up on you. This has happened to me before many times. So, by the grace of God, I quietly walk away and take a deep breathe. A couple of years back, I even made plans to leave the state after high school and head to a university. My plans didn't go through and there's a definite reason as to why. I have faith. I pray like there is no tomorrow. I am even beginning to see God's hand answering my prayers and even when things go downhill once again, I keep my head up. God hears us. We just need to be patient.

With patience comes strength. I want to let all of you know that are going through the same thing I am to stay strong. Pray with all of your heart. Having a family is a blessing. Trials and sufferings are something that can't be avoided in this world. Times are tough, but we need to show God that we can trust in Him to help us through these tough situations. They are many people in this world that no longer have loved ones, and my heart goes out to them. If your family is in trouble and you can see things unfolding that are making your heart break, please, don't give up hope. With all your might, keep praying. God hears every single one of your prayers. If you feel He has abandonded you or your family, He hasn't. Let your everyone around you at home see that you believe God will change things. When you show how much faith you have, God will truly see that you are leaving everything in His hands and He will then take control. Everything will be okay.

All of you families out there, I have a simple message for you. Love one another. Parents, be there for your children when they need you most and even when they don't. Stay by their sides. If they don't listen to what you say and are stubborn, keep them in your prayers. Don't let one day pass that you don't pray for your entire family. Read the Bible with them everyday to strengthen their faith. Kids and especially teenagers, respect your elders. Let the beauty of God shine through you when you're at home or with your friends. Watch your words continuously when talking to your parents. They aren't something that should be toyed with. They love you and you should love them. If they don't pay attention to you much, then pray for them. If they yell alot, tell God. He will help you. Encourage each other. Most of all, pray together. I'll leave you all with a wonderful verse that I hope gives you happiness and that you all can abide by.

1 Peter 3:8-9
We will honor each member of this family as God’s special gift. Live in harmony with one another; love, be sympathetic, compassionate and humble…bless one another so that you may inherit a blessing.

Have a wonderful day,
Tabs <3