Here are just a few of the things I'm thinking about at this very second. Maybe I can try to brighten up your day with my thought process so here it goes.

1. I really think my cat is one of my biggest fans. I mean, she gets way more excited to see me every day and that honestly makes me feel incredibly special. I don't know if this is good or bad. What I do know is bad though is that I found a flee on her the other day. This needs to be taken of immediately or our daily hugs will need to cease.

2. The sprinklers are being left on way to long. If they don't turn off soon, we might have a swimming pool in our front yard tomorrow morning. Which actually wouldn't be a bad thing.

3. Yesterday I killed a spider the size of my thumb while my mom and I were clearing out a bush in our front yard. She bravely killed about four other black widows just as big but mine was different. It was bright red and had a huge white stomach. I didn't know whether to squeal with terror or smack it repeatedly with the broom I was holding. So I did both.

4. An episode of "Opening Act" was on TV today. It was surprisingly good. Tears might have been involved.

5. My brother came home this afternoon and didn't say a word to me. Then, a little later, he walks over and drops a tiny box of candy right next to me. I smiled.

6. I hate it when I walk into the kitchen and I step on something either squishy or just crumbs from food on the floor. I don't know why that triggers just a reaction of wanting to barf, scream, and be angry all at the same time. Thankfully I restrain from doing all of those things but it's a huge annoyance to me. The kitchen is almost always like that first thing in the morning. Has anyone invented a self-cleaning floor yet?

7. God is truly amazing.

Have a wonderful night,
Tabs <3
7/22/2012 04:41:29 pm

I thought I was your biggest fan!!!!! :/

7/27/2012 08:12:19 am

Well you don't have fleas, and you do get really excited when you see me. However, Tsuki is a cat of much adorableness.


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