I may be a writer, but photography also gets me like no other. Especially nature! Nature is just something that fascinates me day-to-day. It has something new to offer every time you see it (: and it doesn't have to be like somewhere fancy. It can be right in your own backyard or maybe even somewhere on the street where you wouldn't really expect to see nature. For example, I was walking down the street the other day and saw a flower growing through the cracks in the cement. That right there, just sparked a major interest for me. I stopped and stared at that marvelous flower that, between the cracks in that old cement, decided to grow. It was a simple yellow flower, but the color of that flower, completely offset the old, worn out, dirty cement. Just that flower, made that cement look brand new and worth walking on. I mean, it was just great!

Okay sorry I got wayyy to over my head and went into writer mode (as I call it when i just completely go in depth on something haha). But who knows, maybe i'm not the only one that sees things from this point of view. The picture above I took when I went fishing with my family, oohh about 2 months ago (hence the fishing pole). The sun was just setting and it seemed like the perfect kodak moment, and when I looked at the picture when I got home, I fell in love <3 honestly, I think i love this picture more than any other picture I have taken in my life. Which are quite a few by the way. Just the way I caught the sun going down just.....I don't think there are even words to explain it, which is pretty sad because i'm really good at explaining things. 

The kind of photographs i think i love the most, are the really old worn out ones. Not the ones that you take with a digital camera, and then its photoshopped to look like it was taken about 30 years ago. I mean sure, that kind of technology is great, but its horribly overrated and nothing compared to the real thing. The authentic, old, vintage photos just get me. They have a story all on their own. They didn't get those crinkled edges or faded out look over night (if they did, then i'm sorry but those photographs weren't kept very well). The story to the time it was taken, and to how it got it here in the present, is just marvelous and that's what keeps our past alive (: 

Since photography is the subject in mind, here's a quote that always seems to flash in my head right before i take a picture.

"You don't take a photograph...You ask quietly, to borrow it."

Tabs <3

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